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First blog

Hello world,

I am quite excited about this blog. Sometimes you just want to pour out your heart to someone, but in most cases people just couldn’t care less because they have their own issues to worry about plus it could be boring as well. So pouring it out into cyberspace is next to best.

On that note, watch this space. Here goes my post for today….

I am at a stage in my life where I am happy about decisions I made in the past that seemed dramatic or unnecessary or even a waste of time. As an introduction to my cobweb of a life or as some would say, my weird self, I follow my heart. I do things I want to do and not things the world expects me to do, even close friends or family. Having said that, I am not rebellious, I do listen to people’s advice but experience ( in my few years on earth) has taught me to seriously take everything people say with a pinch of salt. Even parents, they do have your best interest at heart (in most situations), but the truth is, only you know what you are going through at every point in time. Whoever is dishing out the advice never understands the whole situation, only you my friend, has this vital piece of information. My motto is, pick bits and pieces from the advices you receive, mold it into the best solution for your problem and live with the consequences.

So enough of the deep stuff. I am hoping my blog would help someone somewhere one day as I believe in learning from other people’s experiences and tailoring it to my own life. As I was saying before I got carried away. I had to make certain decisions in my past that has brought me to a somewhat happy place today. When I think about the person I used to be then, shy, closed etc and think about how far I have come in terms of confidence and been in charge of my own happiness, it fills my heart with even more joy.

Very few people understand the concept that you are in charge of your own life, your own happiness because even though people mourn with you when you mourn, majority of them are constantly looking at their watch to either talk about something else or move on or they even get bored, come on, I don’t blame them.  Everyone has enough on their plate which is why you have to understand yourself. I am not saying to be an island and cave into yourself, I am merely saying to learn to control your emotions, to learn more about yourself, not just your likes and dislikes more important things. It will be crucial in future.

With this I say goodnight 🙂

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One thought on “First blog

  1. It’s good to look back and pleased with decisions you made. I admire your confidence in sticking to a path, and it’s obviously worked out well for you. I definitely agree that nobody can offer perfect advice if they don’t know the whole situation; trouble is, they usually think they do, and get pissed when you ignore or disagree with it.
    I wish more people did take responsibility for their own happiness; ’cause like you say, a lot of the time the world isn’t listening, and if you sit there waiting for it to listen, you’ll just be unhappy. Having said that, I’d really like to be the kind of person that *does* genuinely listen to the problems of others. I think it’s a great virtue.
    Anyway I agree you’ve progressed a very long way in the time I’ve known you (as I stroke my grey beard). You should definitely be proud of that.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, wise words there 😉

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