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One of my moods…

Arrghhh!!! I am in one of those moods where I just want to scream. First off I have had a long day at work right and then now I am just picking fights with everyone, like picking on what they say and I know I am going to regret this.

First off my boyfriend, I know he has gone through a lot to chat with me today ( long distance), but I have a weird heart and I can be negatively emotional sometimes, like sometimes i just switch off and everything irritates me like today and I am picking on his everyword and he is been really patient with me. He keeps trying to make me happy but seriously, I have issues, I am sure my ex can testify.

Then my best friend as well…. i haven’t spoken to him in a while and then i get the opportunity to speak to him, do I jump on it, no I find a reason to be mad at him as well and then he feels bad and apologises and then i feel bad because I didnt mean to make him feel bad and gosh its just a cycle…. etc

I am just in a mood.. like angry… at what, i don’t know.  This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it sucks because i am very foul to speak to then, and I just go on and on and on until I have offended everyone :(. But I am extremely honest in this mood which is …… well…  I think I am just going to shut up and turn off all forms of communication.

I need some help!

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