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Nearly rich

nearly rich

I have had a lovely day today. So yesterday wasn’t great, but then this morning, started off my day by cleaning up my flat as two of my friends were coming over, good friends from my university days, so we just pretty much chilled and caught up and I made lunch, beef curry and steamed rice, was delicious if I should say so myself. Watched confessions of a shopaholic, was good, I can relate with her pains. At about 7pm, they decided it was time to start leaving for London. I walked them to the station and on  my walk back home, called another friend to keep me company and bought a Mcflurry on my way.

I was laughing away on the phone when I bumped into another friend, who was walking with a friend and I was invited out for a drink? I thought about the fact I had nothing to do at home but study (which I was trying to avoid, naughty me) so I was like why not? We went to this bar called Global cafe i think, it was quite eccentric and different but I loved the atmosphere, was quite chilled, we got our drinks and just sat down and just chatted away for the next 3 hours. Didn’t realise what time it was, but yea, first time I have done something like that spur of the moment and it was worth it!

So you know how Mcdonalds is doing this monopoly competition thing and I find that I have park lane, and if I had mayfair as well, I would will £500,000 so I changed my status on facebook and turns out my friend has mayfair and was willing to split the price, but being the accountant that I am used to rules and laws and terms and conditions, I decide to read the terms and conditions, just to find out that “acting in concert is not allowed” arrghh!!!! I was that close to making some shopping spree money!!!!

Now am back home, and I think I am just going to have to study, along side some tv and get ready for tomorrow’s blog. Ta xxx

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