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Am sat here with my litre tub of Mackie’s of scotland traditional  luxury dairy ice-cream (guilty pleasure), trying to eat as much as possible as I just realised my freezer is not big enough to freeze my tub!! So much for healthy eating.

Anyway, so went to church today and it was a breath of fresh air.  I went having loads on my mind and just thinking about things through in my head and different commitments I had that I thought was getting the best of me and the message that was preached was just very refreshing and reassuring and gave me the kick i needed to start this week.

Now I am watching come dine with me and this is just a hilarious episode. This ladys starter was artichokes with bacon and poached quail eggs.  She told them she grew her own artichokes and they were impressed. So they guys were already a bit weird-ed out about eating in her house anyway but they decided to go for it. Right after they finished the starters which they didn’t enjoy anyway, she goes, I am not a huge fan of wasting, so I water my vegetables and plants with my bath water! That cracked me up! They clearly looked like they were going to puke.

I just had to share that. Hoping to blog on something more insightful tomorrow. xxx

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