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Confessions of a happy workaholic!

My idea of an ideal day is a day where I have been so busy that time just passes by; hence why my last 3 days have been amazing so far. I am so exhausted because I have been so busy at work, like really busy and I thrive in it. If I could drive, I would probably spend more time at work but as there is just one train in an hour, its not really ideal.

In as much as I love to be busy, I am not doing some vital things i should be doing, like studying for my professional exams. I just can’t be bothered and I know it is not the right attitude to have but this week at work promises to be crazy, so my excuse this time is I need a break. My head keeps aching from the amount of information I have to process in a day, you know how you crack your fingers, that’s how I wish I could crack my head, just for some relief. Having said that, its good to know it is short lived and life should go back to normal next week for sometime.

I actually love my job, people say accountants are boring, but I beg to differ. Especially working for my company, I don’t think I would find better anywhere else. I am just so happy where I am with the prospects of career progression, learning from the best people and just having a good life and work balance. It’s quite funny because so many times I want to stay behind and work and either my manager, assistant manager or fellow colleagues keep chasing me out of the office after 5pm. From speaking to friends and my past experience, this is rarely the case.

So my challenge at the moment is, staying busy at work, delivering good pieces of work assigned to me, learning as much as I can on the job and then finding time to read around to see what knowledge I can add to my already existing one. Sometimes I just wish I knew it all and I could just go ahead and do a fabulous job with very little help. I can’t wait for that day, it would bring me great joy! I sound like a freak don’t I? I just love been useful.

Some days I wake up in the morning tired, but what gets me off my bed is my worry of how they would get on without me if I called in sick because I feel awful. I just feel like, I have so much to do I haven’t done, and I haven’t passed it on with sufficient instructions for someone else to carry on in my absence. I know the world and the office will survive in my absence, but it just gives me a sense of importance. Keeps me going I guess. Let’s see if this is the same in a couple of years time.

With that, I go to rest my head in a tub of icecream, maybe it would chill my brain.


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