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Food.. glorious food

I just can’t function without food, CONFIRMED! Due to my busy lifestyle this week, I have missed breakfast nearly everyday this week, which is very unlike me and finally today, my body refuses to be maltreated. I got delirious and just couldn’t concentrate, kept counting down to lunch. At lunch time, i treated my faithful stomach to a lovely cheddar burger and chips with caramelized cabbage and lemonade and lime mixer. It was a lovely lunch, then I topped up my junk locker with 2 bars of snickers, 2 bars of kitkat, a bar of twix and 2 packs of polo. My hear sang with joy. I haven’t felt that good in a long while. The rest of the afternoon pretty much flew by, because my tummy was happy and knew that should it be unhappy, there is a bar of chocolate a stretch away!

Like you would have guessed, I really really love my food. something i really wished I could do was cook all kinds of food. Firstly, perfect my cultural dishes and then secondly be able to cook a wide range of food, from different cultures, desserts etc. That would just literally make my life (day)!!! To move towards the right direction, I am going to host something similar to channel 4’s  ‘come dine with me’ with my friends, and make the menu something out of my comfort zone, and obviously practice loads before the day. Now that really excites me!

So on my way back from work today, i mean the weather is beautiful and all, and everyone else is going out but I was going home! I need a life in this place am in man! I need a car as well.. I need to learn how to drive. So its friday night and am home watching glee (am not a huge fan) to pass time! Apart from the fact am broke because I am saving to go on holiday for my cousins wedding.. I can’t be bothered to go out.I feel like i am ageing…. noooooooooooo!!


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