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8:00 am

How annoying is this! I spent most of friday night / early morning trying to fall asleep and then I finally slept off at about 2 30am and then my silly body clock goes and makes me up at 8:00am on a saturday morning! To top it off I had a rude awakening as well, woke up to some text from someone that pissed me off! I hate been small spoken to!

So I decided to stroll to the stores, pick up some eggs and banana and make a banana loaf cake. I was a bit skeptical because, well like I said in my previous blogs, I am not very good at baking but I found out one day that a banana loaf cake is the closest I have gotten to baking a cake that looks like a cake. So I decided to keep baking banana loaf cakes until I am perfect at it. To my utmost surprise, it was beautiful! Very very moist, only problem was the top of the cake was ugly lol but the crust delicious. I saved some in the fridge, after eating half of it, thinking, it would go hard by the next day, because for some reason that is what happens to my baked goods, but no it didn’t grow hard! I was so happy. I feel like I now know how to bake a cake :). I am going to keep on baking that particular cake, till I can do it without a recipe and yes, you’ll be the first to know when that day comes. Because the cake tasted so good and I was so sure if I left it in my fridge I would eat it all, BY MYSELF, I decided to take the other half to church and they loved it!!

For now, I am taking a break from bananas and giving a marble cake a go this week. I step out of my comfort zone as the last time I tried baking a marble cake, it collapsed in the oven! Driving up to the coast with friends so if it turns out nice, it would be lovely to have something to gnaw on in the car. Will let you know how that turns out, maybe even some pictures if I am feeling brave :).

Yikes! I have 15 minutes to shower get dress… no makeup and walk up to catch the train to work!!! Have a great morning.

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