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Time snuck up on me..

Like I have been saying for a while now, I am due to go to Edinburgh with work very soon, pretty much next week for my next batch of business school and next batch of accountancy and tax exams.. fun.. not! So to prepare us for this really short period of high pressure teaching and studying, they sent us some pre-course notes to read for the 3 exams I’ll be having and a long list of assumed knowledge.  This was a couple of months ago and I haven’t even gone half way! Its just hard, having to work 9-5 everyday except weekends and then having to remember to study religiously… I spent 4 years in university getting a masters in  Chemical Engineering, now I am pretty much doing another degree, but working at the same time trying to be a chartered tax accountant. I remember my first couple of weeks at tax business school, staring at the thick bound legislation books that were suppose to pretty much be my best friend (see pictures), then during my tax exams having to flick through all 4 of those big books… not fun, but am glad I passed them because they are meant to be the easier that what is coming up next. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my job, but if they could take away the exams.. I would be all the more happy!

It was a bit tricky at first to get my head around the whole accounting principles and law, gosh do I hate law, I absolutely hate it, but I have no choice because tax is based on the law, to a lot of extent or vice versa. First batch of exams was in November and I surprised myself and did better than I expected in the law and my tax and finance papers were good as well. Now, seeing as that was meant to be the easier one, how would I survive these upcoming ones?!? God help me!

Forgetting about the fact that we were told back in December we would be having an assumed knowledge test on the first day in class, I was seriously looking forward to going up to Edinburgh. Taking sometime off work, it sometimes feels like being a student again, temporarily this time, which is not a bad deal. We got sent a website to check out the flats we would be staying in, I mean lovely serviced apartments, sky, wireless broadband etc, it just looked so comfortable and nice…. other than it been a distraction in hindsite.  One of my colleagues then comes up to me at work today to ask when the test was and then I think snap!! I have been bumming around all these while instead of studying! I reminded another colleague and  I go to him “I hope we sail through like we did last time” and he goes, “we didn’t sail through last time, we severely struggled through last time“. So I am going to have to spend most of this week and next week up till Sunday studying. Even though coincidentally my social calendar is packed to the brim.

Speaking of social calendar, other than my normal work, this weekend happens to be a long weekend as Monday is a bank holiday…wooohooo.. so going to Devon with my friend, okay let me rephrase, I am tagging along really, because, my friend’s sister and her boyfriend invited my friend and said she was allowed to come with a friend…*out of breath*.. and that is how I landed this lovely weekend away. We live on Friday to be back on Monday. Promises to be filled with hiking and weather permitting, maybe sometime by the beach. Monday evening when I get back, going to see another friend’s baby, she gave birth to a baby boy a couple of weeks ago and then off to see a different friend’s newly born niece which is also exciting.. I love kids.

Found out yesterday morning one of my good friends from university is moving back to Nigeria, so we are having a send off get together for her next week Friday. Saturday, meeting up with a friend to catchup and then Sunday fly off to lovely Edinburgh.. still looking forward to it though, despite my rambles above.

Back to the books.

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