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Bank holiday “coast line hikes”

So after work on gloomy Friday, I found my way to the designated meeting place, Hatton Cross Station, met up with my friend on the way and then her sister and her sister’s boyfriend met up with us at the station. The car rental company sent a van to pick us up, he rented a car and our journey begun. It was a nice rainy two and a bit hours drive.  In the car, I had time to think about my luggage and I realized I hadn’t packed wisely.

We got to Devon just past 11pm. We were all tired but stayed up anyway. The house was beautiful, just too beautiful for words. It was not excessively but it was just lovely and comfortable. It also had a seaside view, which was quite relaxing. Coincidentally, we all attended Imperial College London, myself and my friend the same self and her sister and her boyfriend about 3 sets our senior. We caught up on how tough it was at uni, three of us girls confessed about how often we cried because of the stress or because of exams, exam scores or course-works. It was a good relieve though, because if there was someone else in the house, that didn’t attend imperial college, it would have been a nightmare for them, they would have thought we were geeks. We aren’t really.

The next morning, Saturday, we headed out to the fish shack down by the beach to buy some fresh fish for Sunday’s dinner. We decided to go to waitrose to grab some food for the house but took a ‘quick’ detour to village called Beer, cool right, to grab some breakfast by the beach. I got a bacon and egg sandwich which was like the cheapest lovely breakfast I have ever had. We had breakfast by the beach, then just watched the sea for sometime and then we got this sudden urge to go hiking. I saw loads of sheep! Which was foreign to me but at the same time exciting!

After about 3 hours, we finally decided to go to waitrose as initially planned. Bagged ourselves an expensive shopping and trotted back home. Dinner was served, lovely fried rice with fried plantain and my friend had a brainwave, that we eat it in candle light, which was very lovely, after-which we watched Hot Fuzz, I love that movie, don’t ask why, I just do! Half way through the movie, my friend’s sister’s boyfriend went to pick up the rest of the crew jst arriving from London and then we were complete.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast in the conservatory, and then headed out for hike trail 2, this time a bit closer to home, the west direction of sidmouth beach.

SO path two lasted a bit longer than anticipated, we ended up walking past 2 villages and finally settled in a pub in Otterton. Had some crisps and drinks, played darts and then eventually, after summoning up more strength, we walked back home, as leisurely as possible, the whole trip lasting about 6 hours.

The third and last trail was the east coast line from sidmouth beach, it was really beautiful, talk about saving the best for the last.

It was a really relaxing weekend. My whole body is stretched or worked out, my bum and thighs had better be toning up because it hurts like mad! Back to work today and I felt good! Its true what they say, a couple of days by the country side and you’ll feel refreshed!!

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