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Not enough 24hrs

People always say ‘time waits for no one’ but I say 24 hrs is just not enough for one day. In everything I do, I am always in a hurry. Some of my friends say I walk too fast, I don’t even realise I do this because I am used to that pace. It is because I love been efficient, I know it is not always the case but I like to know I tried. So I do everything, including walking as efficiently as I can.

A day is just not long enough! Go to work, back make dinner, relax, blog, study, catch up with family and friends and then its time to go to bed. Now my days have changed significantly, its more go to class, home, make dinner and study till my eyes can no longer stay opened and when you have 53 modules to study each an average of 30 pages long and you have your exams in 12 days before you back to the office, you just wish sleep wasn’t important.

I can’t wait to finish this set of exams and I really hope I pass because.. I don’t want to re-sit any of the papers. I wish I could say this is the last of the exams I have but.. er.. nah! After this batch, next in november and then they keep coming till I qualify in 2012, provided I pass all of my exams…..

Will keep you posted. Need to get back to studying now. xxx

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