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Addiction to technology

My cousin once said “.. is so good she can be  chatting, post pictures and talking to you at the same time and looking at you while performing those actions. She is a blackberry pro.”

I have always been one to be addicted to the next ‘in’ thing in terms of keeping in touch with people. I remember in my A levels days, MSN chat rooms and MSN groups were in vogue, I even had my own MSN group which was fabulous. This was when parents used to warn their kids not to meet people they’ve met online etc, but what did I do? I organised a meeting for all of us. We went bowling, ice skating etc, had lunch together, it was so much fun and then Facebook was birth. The group couldn’t survive a beauty like Facebook, even msn as a whole shut down their group and chatroom system, so we migrated to Facebook and I got addicted to Facebook as well and then twitter.

I remember the first time I heard about the blackberry, I saw the price tag and thought to myself… NO can do, I aint spending all that money on a blackberry and then once, I nearly got myself one because.. I was dating this guy in america and he had one and it seemed using the blackberry messenger would be an ideal way to converse. Long story short, I decided against it because I couldn’t afford and well myself and the guy are no one, so am I GLAD I didn’t waste my money… oo yes! Anyway, I eventually got a blackberry like a year later when it came free with my phone contract and lets just say its one of the best things that has happened to me. It is just marvellous.. I do everything on it, perfect for keeping in touch as well.

So my colleagues at business school were fed up of the fact that I was always on my blackberry so I was dared to give up twitter, Facebook and my blackberry for 24hrs, they reckoned i could not do it and in exchange i’ll get2  decent sized dairy milk chocolate ( i love them) if i failed i had to buy them both a bottle of crabbies each (alcoholic ginger beer) sounded like an ideal deal.  8.30am the next day (2 days ago) I handed my phone over to the moderator (another friend) and my laptops and lo and behold, I was technology less… okay apart from my iPod which kept me going. To make matters worse and to make it harder for me, they spent most of the day with me, left my phone on so I could hear it ring from the different applications I had. So I had a couple of missed calls, messages from my blackberry group, messages from my black berry messenger, twitter, Facebook, text messages and emails, oh, not to forget I was had a message from msn.  My phone even made a sound I had never heard before. It was tough because I am so used to efficiently replying messages etc. after all, that is why I have a black berry.

I succeeded the task and I got myself 2 decent sized dairy milk chocolate 🙂 and saved myself from buying them a bottle of ginger beer each, good achievement!

To be honest, I have made loads of good friend’s online. I am not recommending it as a place to meet friends, like we all know it is not safe, but I have managed to make really good friends online who I see almost everyday now and forget that we actually met online. Some of them I have still not met and some I  DO NOT plan to meet.

With that I leave you. xxx

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