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Its all over… for now :)

So.. the exams I have been gobbing on about for.. how long now are finally over!

These past 7 weeks have been.. well interesting, challenging, fun and at the same time stressful. I absolutely love Edinburgh but it is such a shame that the only memories I would have by the time I qualify is just of me studying my life away. On that note, I really hope I pass them all *silent prayer*.

After our last paper on Tuesday, we decided to go to the park as it was a lovely day, kick a football  around, have drinks and then go out for dinner.  I was already exhausted, after a 4.5hrs exam, but I went along to the park anyway. It was great, played football (my thighs still hurt), had good conversations and then went back home to get dressed for dinner. Dinner was lovely, went to this restaurant called Karen’s Unicorn. The food was absolutely lush! I was full, but I kept eating, I couldn’t help myself. That’s what Chinese food does to me. At this point, I was way past exhausted, plus all the food I ate was weighting me down, but my friends wanted to go out and I didnt want to let them down so I went. Long story short, we ended up in this cocktail bar had a few cocktails and went home to bed!

Now I have had to cut my trip short because of some issues back home I need to go back to sort out which is really annoying because all of this stems out of someone’s incompetence!

On a lighter note, I  am looking forward to going back to the office.. to give you a heads up, the next thing I will be moaning about when I get back to the office would be my appraisal, as I don’t have enough time to do what I set targets to do and well.. be appraised on, but we’ll see how that goes shall we.

I finally saw sex and the city2  yesterday…. hehe loved it… it needs a  separate blog by itself.

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