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I miss you all

I should start by saying I know I haven’t blogged in a while, its because I have 2 blogs drafted but they are just not yet ready. On that note, read on :).

I got back from work today a bit late as we had a community team challenge day which involved loads of gardening and lifting bricks and so on, but was nicely ended with a barbecue. Anyway, so I am laying on my couch, too tired to drag myself into the bathroom and with my laptop on my laps, I have facebook on and I just keep getting this nostalgic feeling when I go onto my high school friends pages.

I had really good times with those girls, good friendship, thinking back at how we all got along so well, well, not all the time, but we got into trouble together, celebrated together, had meaningless and unfruitful arguments but still, I miss them! I got back in touch with a some of them, but it just wasn’t the say. I only still get along well with about 25% of those I got back in touch with, the rest of them its either they have moved on and just can’t be bothered to revive the friendship or we are just very different people. Its like so much time has passed and we are all on different tracks and things have just changed.

At the end of the day, friendship is but for a season, only a couple of friendship will last forever. Our memories of good times with old friends should be cherished. I plan to cherish mine as they keep me company on lonely days and just put a smile on my face. Like the saying goes, old friends are the best, I am yet to find out if this is the case.

My friends from university are really cool but its just not the same quality as what I can remember from high school. I think it could have to do with the fact that in high school, we were mostly innocent, not too much life baggage. But now, we are older and wiser and more cautious and this could be the source of the skepticism. I am enjoying a more mature kind of friendship now I guess.

With that I leave to carry on watching to kill a mockingbird for the first time. So far, I love it.


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