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Coming of age

Apparently I am of the right age and in the right place to start thinking of the next stage which is marriage to most people. The problem is, it is not for me.. I have a plan (i think) and I know deep inside that it is not time for that yet… life still has a lot it wants to show me.. good I hope. I can feel it!

My dreams and plans aside, I thought I could escape the pressure of my concerned mum and her friends as to me, I am still young. The only time i tell myself I am still young is when it comes to talking about marriage. So I am 22yrs old, finished my masters and am working, so next on the list as far as my mum is concerned is to get married. Don’t get me wrong, i do want to get marry one day but not anytime too soon due to certain circumstances.

So a few weeks ago, i get a phone call from my mum very early in the morning, as early as 8am, seeing as she is in Nigeria and I am in the UK, I just automatically assumed it was something very important, I mean a missed call at 8am on  a Saturday morning, so I call her back. After the pleasantries and finding out how everyone is doing, she goes, so do you have a boyfriend. To cut the long story short, I said no and she goes, don’t worry you will be fine, just keep being yourself,, blah blah blah. I am thinking to myself, I AM NOT WORRIED.

If you know my mother, you’ll know that when she says to you ‘ don’t worry’, it means she is worried. I have had this million of times. So I say okay, hoping that was the end of it. But no.. 2 of her close friends call me consecutively later on during the day. I got a voice mail from one of them saying she had found me a boyfriend and the second voice mail from the her other friend was less subtle just to check on me. But get this, she then suggests like 3 men to me on facebook to add as friends!

So yea, that is my predicament, I guess I am now of age. I love my mother to bits but I don’t need anyone reminding me I am single! I want to enjoy this solitude for as long as I can, not like I want it to go forever.

Anyway its time for bed.

Ta muchly 🙂


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