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Relaxing Dorset

I had such an amazing time this week just gone past. Spent 4 nights in Dorset at a colleagues house and it was marvelous! Got there on Tuesday night, was warmly received by her parents, had some lovely cheese and parma ham and biscuits as it was late and then went to bed on the most comfortable bed I have ever known. The cottage was so beautiful. It was a right mix of traditional and modern and very cosy to say the least. My bed was so comfortable I smiled all the way to dreamland every night as I slept.

Woke up nice and early on Wednesday morning for my darling friend to start taking me round her wonderful hometown. Had a quick bacon sandwich ( I know, I love bacon and ended up having bacon sandwich on Thursday and friday morning as well). We started our holiday with the coastal walks, walked from somewhere around Lulworth and walked to Osmington mills where we had lunch in the smugglers inn pub, lovely food, I had gammon fried eggs and chips and the lovely Eton mess for dessert. We then went to see the Durdle door, which was another wonder craft of nature. Very beautiful. I tried taking some pictures but my sun was not in my favour. I wanted to share this natural beautiful piece of work with you so I found one on line.

We sat by the sea for sometime, relaxed and chatted then we headed home. We made a quick detour to see a ‘must see’ view of the Cerne giant, picture below, who apparently aids fertility. I heard that people who can’t have kids usually go up the hill and have sex on his penis to get pregnant.

On getting home, her lovely mother had made dinner. We had lovely home-grown potatoes, grilled chicken and vegetables (ratatouille) for dinner. Went to bed early as I was exhausted, but in a good way. Next morning, after breakfast, we set out to Dunster castle but on our way, we made a quick stop at the cider farm which had the biggest apple orchard I have ever been to (or should I say it was my first time ever in an orchard), It was amazing. We walked round the orchard and then made a few purchase of Cider, Cider brandy and Cider wine. Tried some of the Cider wine and it was my kind of thing, SWEET :).

We carried on our journey to Dunster castle, did I forget to say I navigated, not with a tom-tom (navigator) but with maps! I had to learn how to read map, which is a newly acquired skill and I plan to keep it! On getting to Dunster, we had lunch in this pub called Luttrell arms. I settled for a burger as the pub was a bit on the expensive side, but it was posh. After lunch, we headed towards the castle, only to find the castle is shut on Thursdays! We were gutted, but we walked round the grounds anyway. Beautiful, I kept imagining myself living there :). Diner that night was  stuffed peppers with rice and lamb mince. Need I say more, it was great as usual.

On Friday we went to Brown stead island by Poole, which is apparently famous for its red squirrels. Unfortunately we saw none, it would be because we were chatting away. We walked round the island, saw the lovely views and then we went down by the sea-side and had our packed sandwich for lunch by the sea and then walked round the island for about 2 and a half hours. Once again, her mum made dinner, this time,  roasted lamb, potatoes and mixed vegetables absolutely stunning stuff.  Went to bed for the last time in that lovely room and house 😦

Saturday morning, her mum made us kippers for breakfast which was once again yummy! Let’s just say I was spoilt by her parents and my friend and I had the most relaxing holiday I have ever had! To summarise it all, she is a very good friend. I couldn’t have hosted myself better if I tried hard enough!

With that I say…xxxxxxxxxx

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