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Memory gaps

I used to pride myself in having a fantastic memory. I mean I remember my first computer, I remember my  brother’s first birthday, or flashes of it at least (he is a year and a half younger than I am).  Generally anyway I remember things and people and faces and names. So you can imagine how amazed I was when I was being reminded of things I did in the past that I had forgotten. I guess I chose to forget these things as they do not speak highly of me in any way, at least most of them.

For example, once my brother was playing with my ear while I was trying to work and I got irritated when after asking him to stop several times he did not and I did the unspeakable. Well in my flash of anger I turned towards him and apparently… I put my pen into his ear, luckily no harm was caused. My next victim was my cousin who after I asked him several times to get out of my way because I was trying to get some work done and he was in my way or trying to walk past him and he was being silly and won’t let me pass, I pushed him off the chair viciously and he hit his head on the onion basket. Well luckily no harm was caused as well, but he won’t let me live that day down, saying I nearly killed him.. all dramatic.

Now my last memory is more funny than anything else. So apparently, I had a tiff with my cousin’s step sister and we decided to battle it out (obviously this was donkey years ago, I’ll stick to 10 years or more ago). Before we brought out the boxing gloves and all, she then gives me rules going, “don’t hit my head, my breast, my stomach….” and the list was endless. I am going to choose my own end of this ordeal and say it ended in hysterics as when my brother reminded me of those rules, I just couldn’t help but laugh.

So those are my memories.. I am hoping I don’t have too many of embarrassing ones like these lurking around that I can’t remember.

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