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Do you know what I really want?

What I really want is a friend! Not just a friend that says hello and is always there for a chat, but a friend that is a true friend. One that truly cares you know! I am bad at explaining things I am passionate about which doesn’t really help.

What I mean is this. Something that means a lot to you, I mean something that seems so little to other people but to you it is the world, you are so proud of this thing and you just want to share it with someone. But you just know deep down inside you that there is really no one around you that can understand how much passion you feel for this thing. People try, but to be honest, if you don’t truly care about something it is hard to be as passionate or as happy as the person who is sharing the news. For this reason you end up keeping these thing you just want to share with someone and have them be as happy as you are about it! It sucks, trust me!

Don’t get me wrong, I have some amazing friends who I share my joys and sadness with, but this piece of the puzzle is missing and I have more or less given up on searching for this friend. My last chance really now is my husband.. when he eventually arrives. I guess I would hope for him to be interested in my highs and lows a lot more than a friend.

Okay so  I have been an emotional wreck today! Crazy but I have no idea why… but yea… I”ll keep the tears rolling till I fall asleep…. maybe I’ll feel better.  And no… its not what you think… just been sat here watching chic flicks.. and the happy scenes make me cry.. lol like watching 27 dresses, the scene where she finally got married made me cry. Watching ‘In her shoes’ loads of scenes made me well up.. lol at least its not anything horrible making me cry. Iits way past my bed time, got work and an extremely long day tomorrow so good night :).

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2 thoughts on “Do you know what I really want?

  1. i could be your friend if you want me to. lol. don’t mind me. nice piece by the way.

    • haha lol thanks. it was just one of ‘those’ days! I just re read the blog and in my whole emotional craze I didnt even conve the message I wanted to pass on anyway.. lol will try again another day. Thanks for visiting!

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