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‘Burglar Alert’

SO this last couple of week have been rather interesting. When I moved into my flat just over a year ago, the first couple of nights were clouded with the fear that someone would break into my flat while I was sleep. Sooner or later, I let go of that thought.

My year so far has been fine, no issues with the flat, everything going smoothly. After a weekend in London, got back to my flat and to find that my keys won’t open the communal door to the house. ( I like in a flat in a house. So its a town house with a flat on each floor so 3 flats in all). I then push the buzzer to get one of my neighbours to open the door. Luckily enough, one of them was home. She comes to the door and after a couple of pushing and shoving she finally gets the door opened. (She only just moved in like a week before, I didn’t know this then).  I was quite interested to find out the story behind the door, so I said hello and she asks me if I live in the building as she moved in the week before and so I said yes. She then goes on to ask if any one else had the key to the front door. At this point I am thinking what is this all about? So I said well as far as I am aware everyone that lives in the building has a key. I was then told that she got burgled over the weekend.

Took a minute or so for the news to set in because although behind my mind I kept thinking it could happen because a dodgy street, or rather a ‘renowned’ dodgy street is just two streets away. After I took in the news I asked what happened and she said there was no sign of break in, she just got into her flat and realised her laptop and ipod were gone. So the police got involved and I tiptoed to my flat silently hoping everything was intact. Phew! all was well. The next day, I took my valuables (not much) into work with me and left them there! So the rest of the week was going well until Thursday, I got back from work, had a rushed dinner and then went out 30 minutes after for my driving lesson. Didn’t get back home till about 8pm, and there was a police car in front of my building. So half expecting what I found when I got into the building, I went straight to my flat and started watching tv. Then I heard a knock on my door and this time it was my ground floor neighbour telling me she got robbed as well!

Same story, no break in which could suggest they had the keys to the flat and house and they stole her brand new laptop, Nintendo wii and 3 games and a digital camera. This time I spoke to the police man, he asked a couple of questions and they pretty much said the doors were not secure and could be opened by a credit card yadeyah.

So I did what a normal person would do, contacted my landlady and arranged for my locks to be changed.  At the moment, i’m waiting for my friend to move down to this end so we can get a flat together. So hopefully, in the next couple of months.

Summary of my weeks so far.

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2 thoughts on “‘Burglar Alert’

  1. E-Y-A!……what a pity….the selfish part of me is saying Thank GOD you were not robbed…& nobody was at home when it was burgled…good that the key was changed & believe all is better now …..even when you move into another flat with your friend, you should also change the locks for you can never tell.

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