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“You are too picky”

Unfortunately for you all, most of my blogs are going to be about my experiences as a single lady. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Nothing annoys me more than people saying the reason I am single is because I am too picky. As if! I don’t even have a checklist for my ideal guy! I am not yet sure what I think about that. People say it is good so that you know what you want when you see it but at the same time I feel like I would be objectifying the man.

Each time I am catching up with a cousin or a friend, especially guys and they ask me about my love life and ask  if I am currently seeing any one at the moment. My answer of course is always “no”, which prompts an immediate response of either “..well that is because you are too picky”, or “..your standards are too high”. The reason this annoys me is because not once as any of them ask me what my standards are.

Now, another question they ask me which I often wonder whether it is a rhetorical question is the good old “why are you single?”. I say to myself,  if I could answer that question I won’t be single now would I?

So I went for a singles seminar the other weekend (people tend to this these kind of seminars are for desperate people or a kind of speed dating event, but it is truly the contrary. I have learnt a lot from them) and lets just say it came along at the right time in my life. I have learnt to see my single-hood as a gift. Well,I am still human which means I will still complain now and again but since the seminar which was about 3 weeks ago, I feel like I have a new purpose. Rather than waste my time thinking why guys who are clearly not within my ‘standard’ act the way they do, I am focusing on building myself and making the maximum use of all the time I have in my hands now that I wouldn’t have when I get into a healthy and blessed relationship :). Also, there was this lady there that shared her experience of divorce with us, which was the first time I have heard the story of a divorce from the horses mouth. It was very insightful.

On another note, I have spent 80% of my day today reading blogs!!!!! How crazy is that. I have a very important exam in 3 weeks and I am wasting a lovely saturday like this doing nothing but having my own kind of fun! I need to sort my brain out!

Until next time…. could be very soon… who knows?

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2 thoughts on ““You are too picky”

  1. Good answer!……*grinning*……stick to what you want…..because it’s you ALONE that would live with him forever o!.

  2. Exactly! forever and ever and ever lol… no one will be there with me.. lol hmmm i had better pick wisely.

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