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My baking progress

So a while back i blogged about a banana cake being the only cake I could bake that looked like a cake. click here to read it if you have forgotten. I am proud to say that since then, my lemon drizzle cake has really taken off! Its so moist and yummy and tasty if I should say so myself. In addition, my friends in church have asked for me to bake a whole cake for them on different occasions so they would not have to share it with people, which is encouraging!

On another note, my marble cake is okay but not quite there yet. I am not too keen on the chocolate I use for it. I might be a bit adventurous with the chocolate  next time. I might actually melt some of my own and see what it does to the taste. Question is, I am not sure if it’ll be a hit or such a flop that the cake doesn’t rise! This is actually the only cake I have my own picture of.






Actually, what do you know?! I found a picture of a banana cake I baked for my friend’s birthday!


I also really need to learn how to ice a cake!!! I would so love to bake peoples’ favorite cakes for them and ice it nicely and do different designs on them and give to them as a gift. Hopefully soon.

There are also a couple more recipe’s i would love to try. I’ll make a note to take pictures of my cakes in future but for now, here are some on my to do list (pictures from google image).

My infamous banana cake, what I really love about banana loaf cake is that fact that it doesnt look special in any way, but it tastes lovely! I’ve always found banana to be refreshing anyway.

Next is lemon drizzle cake. The recipe I use is that one on bbc good food. It hasn’t failed me. There is something about that citrus-sy and sweet taste it has to it.

And then banoffee pie! This is sooo on my to do list. They are just so tasty. I haven’t quite tried to make one myself, but I really want to.

Hopefully, the next time I blog about baking, I’ll have some of my own pictures.

Enjoy your week and I hope this week is way better for you than last week was for me. Don’t ask! 🙂

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One thought on “My baking progress

  1. HA!… salivating here o!…. me like vanilla cakes a lot!….thanks for stopping by…have subscribed.

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