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For some reason, I always manage to have a lot of events on one day. Okay, maybe not events, but either linking up with people or other plans I generally have. For example. This glorious Saturday a few weeks back, I was to fly to Edinburgh (Scotland) on the Sunday for work purposes (mainly exams :s) and I live in Reading (South west England, outside London), but my uncle kindly offered to take me to the airport, he lives in Croydon (south london). I am sure you can already see the distance involved in me getting to Croydon.  It takes about 2 hours via the route I normally take.

A normal person would have left that weekend free so she could pack her luggage and leave enough time to travel and rest. But not angelsbeauty, instead,  I had loads to do. On the friday after work, I baked 2 cakes for my friends birthdays, not even the same kind of cake which would have been easier two different kinds, one was fruity and the other chocolatey which meant I had to wait for one to finish before the other started. So anyway, baking the cakes was the least of my problems. I packed what needed to be packed and went to bed with my cakes in the fridge.

On Saturday, my ingenious plan was to take one batch of my luggage to Croydon, then instead of coming back for the second batch, I planned to meet up with a really old friend who has just come to London for the first time and I offered to take himself and his sister to the London eye. So we met up as planned, took them to London eye, all in all we hung out for about 1.5hrs / 2hrs after which I had to jet back to Reading if I would make it back to London in time for my friends birthday dinner.

Travelled back to Reading, packed the rest of my luggage, the cakes and candles and headed back into London. Obviously as you would expect, i got there late, but luckily  they waited for me so we could take pictures with their cakes and catch up a little bit. Eventually after dinner, I continued my journey with the rest of my luggage to Croydon. Got in, fixed dinner for the house and then went straight to bed!

To think that was not a one off and more of a frequent occurrence!Another maybe less hectic weekend was this. I bought a ticket to see ‘legally blonde the musical’ in theatre. The show was on a Thursday nigth in London and the office arranged a coach to drive us down to London from Reading after work which was great. I had taken the Friday off so I planned on staying in London for the weekend. I was seeing the show with a friend after which I was to spend the night at hers. Next morning nice and early went to the library to study and then a couple of hours after, I had to find my way to my cousin’s for driving lesson. An hour and a half later, got the train to the otherside of London to link up with a friend with whom I was going for singles seminar on that same Friday. Got dressed and went for the seminar, then i stayed over at a different friend’s house because her house was very close to the church I had to be in on the Saturday morning. I was meant to go to a different church to give a talk to 16-20yrs old kids during their careers fair on how I got to where I am and general tips sha.  The problem here was  the career talk clashed with day 2 of the singles seminar. I got to ‘church 2’ at 9am and left about 2pm and headed to ‘church 1’ for the rest of the singles seminar.

Towards the end of the seminar, I started thinking of how I was going to get to Croydon as it was the weekend and underground lines usually have issues. It would have taken me at least 3 hours, meaning I won’t get home till about 10:30pm/11pm which wasn’t sexy at all. As God would have it, the last speaker at the seminar was my aunt’s friend who lives 10 minutes away from my aunt’s house in Croydon (who says miracles don’t happen in church!!). After her talk on ‘singlehood is a gift’ I went to greet her like a good girl and she gave me a big hug and saw me with my suitcase asking how I was getting home. I said bus and train. After which she offered to drive me home!! What a relief!

I am learning to be a bit more considerate to my body and be a bit more sensible in picking what I go for and what I turn down. The thing though is all these events are very useful to me. Both building me spiritually and passing on my skills to other people. Its just the timing that isn’t great at all. Plus obviously its good to hang out with friends, to build on the relationship you already have, but it is not easy!

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