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Come dine with me … ‘our edition’

Finally! I got my act together and organised the come dine with me with my friends as i have been saying for months. For those who don’t know what come dine with me is, it is a tv programme in the UK where 5 strangers are to host each other for a week. So for example, a,b,c,d and e. A will host b,c,d and e on  one night, b will do the same the other night and so on.

The host sends their menu to their guests a day or so before the dinner and the guests have an opportunity to tell us at home if there is something they don’t like in the menu and their expectation of the food. In our rendition of this show, we will not be doing this part as everyone lives a bit of a distance away and well, I just can’t be bothered. At the end of each dinner, the guests are then given the opportunity to score the hosts anonymously and the winner at the end of the week wins £1,000, as such people get bitchy and wicked and whinny because they want to win the money. This is also something we will not be doing at ours, no scoring and no winning, who has £1,000 to give out?! If that is you.. let me know and I shall send you the necessary details 😉.

For ours, there will be 6 of us and one dinner a month, starting in November with a break in December. The last dinner will be in April. I have encouraged my friends to be adventurous and not just stick to Nigerian dishes to make it more interesting. After all I am not aware we have any dessert, as in proper Nigerian dessert. If you know of a Nigerian dessert, please let me know!

It reminds me of when I hosted a couple of friends from work for dinner. I made peppersoup (yam peppersoup for the vegetarians) for starter, Jollof rice and chicken for mains and peach and nectarine syrup on vanilla icecream for dessert!

Now lets discuss the dessert a bit more.. total flop would be an understatement!

Seeing as I have never had to make dessert myself before, other than fat in a cup*, I had no idea what to make. My flatmate at that time suggested I use the left over peaches ( I later found out that the were not all peaches! and some were nectarines. Which is all well and good to eat by itself but in a dessert, not so sure) to make a syrup. Seeing as we were in a serviced flat for a week with work, we didn’t really have a lot of stuff, like sugar, which I really needed for the syrup. So I had to steal sugar (I am sorry) from where we had our lectures everyday. Long story short, she advised that I melt the sugar in a fry-pan and add some fruit juice as well to the pan and then put in the chopped fruits. This I did but the sugar started turning into candy and within seconds it was hard! I am sure I did something  wrong but luckily my guests weren’t too fussy.

At least I know for sure now I will not be making that for dessert. Till then.. off to study and to plan my menu for my month. Have a lovely day. Ta xx.

*fat in a cup is a dessert my friends came up with. You get a cup (obvious) and then put in pieces of warmed brownies, and then some whipped cream, haggen dans vanilla cream and maple syrup to top it up. I have a feeling I am missing an ingredient, but with or without that ingredient you can already see how fattening it is. One thing I can assure you is this, it is delicious!

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2 thoughts on “Come dine with me … ‘our edition’

  1. dessert ke?…’s all about main course in 9a o…heeheeeheee… try sef… just an average cook, so i can’t help you here o……*grinning*.

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