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4 Stupid things I did this week

On Monday, I had a client meeting with 2 of my bosses and the client. After my presentation and all the talking-s, we were to have lunch in this very lovely restaurant on a river. So all along, I planned on having something light. I looked on the menu and saw that smoked chicken and prawns patte with avocado came as either a starter or a bigger plate for main course. So I immediately thought I would have that as my mains. Next thing I know, the waitress comes along then the client suggests we have 2 courses! I had not thought about 2 courses and as such I just picked two random meals so I don’t waste their time. Long story short I ended up having chicken for starters and duck for mains! Not cool at all! And my meal was the biggest on the table! I felt like a gluton.. when all along I planned to have the lightest meal! Next time, I will not pick my food under pressure, I’ll ask them to come back for my own order. I can just imagine those managers thinking…. darn.. this girl can EAT! Plus ofcourse I had to finish the food otherwise the chef would have thought i didnt enjoy it and I would have been wasting money! *sigh*

Stupid thing number 2 was cringing.. I was walking as I would normally in the office today and then another manager was on the aisle I was walking past and then my hand hits his bum! I was just thinking in my head.. OMG! lol Luckily he turned it into a joke and was like why did you grope my bum.. and everyone laughed about it.. but talk about awkward!!

Stupid thing number 3. My mum asked me to buy her a ticket for her trip from London to the US and so she was on the phone while I was booking the ticket online and I mistakenly wrote my name on the ticket and noticed I had done this, I told her as a joke that I will write my name instead. She then goes well it is your money and I am like, not really because you put the money in my account. After all the joking sha, I booked the ticket only to be greeted with a ticket for me, only that my title was Mrs! Then I realised I forgot to change the name from mine to my mums! *sigh* I felt so foolish! I sha called BA and after 15 minutes holding the line, they eventually changed the name from mine to my mum’s but at a cost of £30! Not cool at all.

After getting off the call, I was still in the office at this time, I got a voicemail from my manager asking me to call him, this was at past 5pm, technically after my working hours. SO he asked me to call cos he has this project he wanted me to help him with and the deadline is tomorrow 5pm! I thought to myself.. arggghhh why did I listen to this message (stupid thing 4). Don’t get me wrong.. I love my job and all these projects but seeing as my exam is in like 3 weeks I am trying not to get involved in work that requires too much time. Anyway sha I called him back and i pretty much have 7 hours to write a report tomorrow. Should be interesting. I shall let you know tomorrow.

Ta. xx

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4 thoughts on “4 Stupid things I did this week

  1. Laff wan kee me reading your post. So funny. Don’t worry dear, it happens to the best of us (chuckling). I was happy to read that you managed to sort it all out sha. Thank God for that..

    Lovely post btw!

  2. loolll…..esp the restaurant episode……n-a-y…nothing stupid here o… were under stress….happens to everybody…..goodluck on your exams.

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