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My bus journey

I am sitting in this bus taking me to my aunt and uncle’s house and I know there is no one home and I do not have the keys to the house!

I called to give them a head’s up when I got to the station (bad move, I should have called before I left!) And they said they were on their way to the airport to drop someone off and l am thinking Noooo!!! My options were 1. Sit in the cold dark and wait for them outside while the foxes do their thing around me (the foxes in their area act like they own the land) 2. Call a friend that lives down the road and go and wait there for them and 3. Sit on the bus as it goes to and from the station however many times until they get back home.

I know 2 sounds the most sensible right? So I call my friend and she doesn’t pick up her phone. I call the land line to her house twice, no answer. I sent her a blackberry message to see if she is at home no reply. So I just accepted she wasn’t home and was trying to decide between option 1 and 3. I then send a blackberry message to my cousin to give my ‘friend’ a call and tell her I am on my way.


Last week I had been trying to call this same friend to catch up and pray with her as she is currently doing her dissertation. She didn’t pick up my calls or return them. So I sent her a blackberry message saying will you tell me u didn’t see my missed calls to return or even acknowledge them? She then goes she has been busy with the dissertation and she will call me later. So I leave things like that wanting to be the understanding friend. So when I called her today in a somewhat emergency, I wasn’t expecting her to pick up the phone but I was hoping she would!

Fast forward…
She then replies my blackberry message going ‘Oi’ and then she calls me going my cousin just woke her up! You would think he was in the same house as she was and went to her room to wake her up! Was it not the same way he called her that l called her twice on her mobile and twice on her house phone!

Well at this time l am just grateful she called and was home. She goes your cousin says you are on your way and I am like yea, see you soon. (Well we are more of family friends than just friends so it was cool for me to just assume l could go to hers).

Anyway, I am here now and the warmth of the house is wearing away the anger l feel for being treated like that! Even though I haven’t said more than hello. Baby steps!

PS: all of this happened in the last 30 minutes!

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2 thoughts on “My bus journey

  1. so am late into the gist be that o….heheehee…..your anger go don cool since be that o…yeah, it was a wrong move on your part not to had call before going…seems your friend wants to be left ALONE……get the hint….read the hand writing on the wall my sister…..take care hun?

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