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Countdown officially begins!

13 days to my exam!!!

I fret muchos!!! *sigh* I had a mock today and lets just say I need to study, I really don’t want to resit this exam. I have been doing well do far, but this particular exam is feeling different. My brain is just not having it!! I need God to overthrow this feeling of nonchalance. it is not too late to make a difference!

27 days till my birthday!

I can’t believe it is here already! Okay not quite here, but it is my birthday next month!!!! My friend got us tickets to see Esperanza the Saturday before which is exciting too! I saw her last year with the same friend and loved her. It would also be a nice post exam chill out. As for my birthday itself, as it is a week day I guess am doing nothing.  I might do something really low key and old school… maybe pub lunch with work colleague and cinema… by myself… *sigh* part of growing up I guess. Plus it would be my first.. as I have been meaning to take myself out for a while.

65 days till I leave for Nigeria!

Some people wonder why I get excited when I am going to Nigeria, especially some of my friends at work. After all, all they have heard on the news and just from social banter is that place is not somewhere you want to be caught dead in! One person at work asked me to convince him to visit Nigeria, and honestly, i had nothing to say! If anything, i was too scared to encourage him to go to my country! I wouldn’t want him to get mugged or kidnapped or have a horrible experience and then I’ll feel guilty for as long as I can remember! Why then am I excited about going for christmas?

I guess to me it is still! Even though I don’t have a lot of friends back home, just a handful, just breathing the air and seeing the people and hearing the accent, my accent, makes me happy! Eating home cooked food.. professionally made efo elegusi and ikokore and asaro.. from my own mother’s kitchen is something I long for! To think this time I would be there for more than 48hrs. The last time I was in Nigeria was in June for 3 days.. for my cousins wedding! I only had 2 meals. I was so disappointed because I already made plans of all I was going to eat that I didn’t get to eat. Not even SUYA!!! Before that, I was back home like 2 years ago, so that is one of the reasons I am MEGA excited! 3 solid weeks, to relax, have fun and be spoilt, I deserve it, afterall, my ticket broke the bank :(. I plan to do everything this time! Watch this space!

Now back to the books!!


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2 thoughts on “Countdown officially begins!

  1. firstly, my subscription is not working o….didn’t see any of this updated post in my mail …& you don’t have ‘follow’ button.

    Secondly, happy birthday in advance o….*smiling*

    Thirdly, YOU ARE EXCITED COMING BACK TO 9JA 4 3WKS?….take this sister ((((hugs)))) …u r a true daughter of the soil jor!…heheheee…HOME IS HOME! this many tend to forget.

    Lastly, goodluck on your exams.

    • really… hmm i dont know how the subscription works for wordpress.. there is no follow for wordpress unfortunately, just blogspot. Thanks o I am looking forward to my birthday and naija! aaah.. my mind is at home o. my brother is enjoying there as if he is the only child, let me go and pour small sand in his garri for sometime lool *jokes*

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