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Gba Kamu!

I am in one of my ‘Gba kamu’ moods. Meaning, accept things as they are.. lol from my understanding, I might be wrong but I am pretty sure that is correct. So as I was saying, right now.. I have just accepted certain situations. There are some things I really wish were different but at moment I just couldn’t care less.

To add salt to my sore wound, my blackberry has pretty much packed up! How i am going to survive without it! I can’t get my emails straight up anymore, and if i get lost, no more sat nav to take me to direct me! Other things, so many other things that are not material are not right at the moment.. and all i can say is… Gba Kamu.. for now until I can see clearly. Sad thing is usually after this Gba Kamu stage is sadness… i know.. i know i know.. I’ll try to avoid that stage.

Night. xx

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2 thoughts on “Gba Kamu!

  1. E-y-a…..e pele o….when one door closes, a window will open…so just have an open mind hmm?……take care & thanks for stopping by.

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