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Never been kissed

Not me! Well I wish it was me.. would have been nice to be able to say that I got my first kiss at the alter.. oh well. So yea, back to the point. I was watching the movie never been kissed a couple of hours ago and it dawned on me for the fist time even though I have seen this movie like 10 times that the teacher is a paedophile! Like really.. he thought the girl was his student and he conveniently fell in love with her. But wait.. when he finds out she was a reporter all along and actually 25 not 17, he gets angry. Uh puhlease. He should have been arrested! lol

I finally got round to ironing my laundry! I need to stop drying my clothes in the dryer because it just gives it some serious wrinkles that takes forever to iron out. I have also finally started packing my suitcase for my trip to Edinburgh *sigh* really not looking forward to it. By the time I am back here.. it will all be over… *sigh* I have faith I will pass! end of story.

Watching this pakistani movie, East is East, quite interesting. if you ever come across it, watch it.

My final random rant for today is, I was really craving Efo this week (Efo is a nigerian soup made with spinach, palmoil, fish cray fish etc, very rich and delicious!).  I made some lovely efo and pounded yam yesterday and my tummy is still sooo happy with me!

Ta. xx

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4 thoughts on “Never been kissed

  1. Yay! the subscription worked this time o…..AMEN!you shall surely pass; I pray for the ANGEL OF PROTECTION & FAVOUR TO FOLLOW YOU… would all be a piece of cake! just TRUST IN GOD….take care you hear?

    p.s…ha! efo?…..hmm….go to any 9ja restaurant go wack am nah?

  2. Never noticed that. I’ll look for the movie online and watch it again…

    Thanks angelsbeauty for dropping by. Much love.xoxo

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