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I’m back!

Exam is over!!!! How it went is another story but I am just having faith at the moment. My brain now has some free space! Below are some pictures to demonstrate the height of the studies and the things it did to me.

Crazy things called books.. just for one exam!



sitting in front of the class like a good girl.. and playing with my hair :p

One of the first few things I did was to catch up on blogville, some really good stuff going on you know, people can write sha. Another thing I did was watch the episode of ‘The Apprentice’ I missed. I am so glad Melissa has left. She keeps talking about how she can pitch and what not, about her career as a sales person and I kid you know I can pitch better than she can. If anything I wonder how she got on the apprentice, her attitude sucks! I hope the job she put on her CV that she teaches to do his job will take her back after that. I love Lord Sugar now, he is just so down to earth and can slice through Bull. I like Jamie and I think he is good at what her does, but he needs to up his management skills and also, learn to be able to come across to people properly. For example I was scared he would lose his job because question as simple as why shouldn’t I fire you, I was a bit worried he wouldn’t be able to answer the question with enough impact to satisfy Lord Sugar. I hope he improves on those notes.

Next note, I watched episode 5 season 7 of desperate housewives and SUSAN!!!!!!!!! But why and Paul young?!! Mehn Susan’s story just goes to show that nothing remains a secret for too long. No matter how desperate your situation is, I can assure you that the short cut is not always the best way and the right long path is deemed to yield less problems. I sympathise with her, but surely.. not a good move. Plus she knew the company was going public. Hmm what damage will this do to her? Especially as Mike, her husband, is really working hard to put the family together, *sigh* women! Can I just add I love Mike Delfino. He is just so cool. Plus good-looking guy alert! Keith is a good-looking fella, but with an attitude problem! And Paul’s wife is a psycho o! Sorry just getting into the show again! Finally of all the housewives, I have decided I love Lynette best.

On another note.. I am exhausted. It is 3am and for reason I am still up. I ended up staying awake till 4am, sleeping for 4hrs and catching my flight back to london.. bad idea because I am exhausted now but i need to go for choir practice. I guess I am just enjoying my new freedom-ish. Going to be a long Thursday and Friday as my work calendar is already full!

With my tired eyes and legs I have to say good bye.. off to practice. taxx

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5 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Unfortunately, after the early Episodes of this Season of DH…you’re not missing much atm.

  2. Sadly no, not yet. It’s either going to slow, or they’re leaving unfinished plot lines wide open. But, I’m confident they’ll pick it up later on and get their act together. 🙂

    Anytime! 🙂

  3. Welcome back o…..glad the exams are over…….you have passed already! wAIT A MINUTE SHA!….na u jack all those books?….*whistles*……m-e-h-n, you try o….*laughs*.. i can’t remember reading that much ….GOD BLESS & GOOD LUCK.

    I love desperate housewives & Lynette is one of my favs…

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