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My lazy Saturday

I am currently sitting on the kitchen floor in front of my washing machine manually draining it! It is not fun, that I can tell you. I put my laundry in to wash 2 nights ago and was hoping to turn on the dryer this morning when I realised the washing machine had an error sign flashing and the water had not drained. Luckily I found the operating manual and figured out how to drain the drum but I am really hoping I can figure out how to make the machine work after draining it. Joys of living alone! If I was  home, as spoilt as this sounds, my uncle or my dad or my brothers would have taken care of it and I wouldn’t have even realised the washing machine had a problem. Oh well… now to the reason for my blog..

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face remembering what happened last night. Funny thing is those I was out with last night would probably wake up cringing. I know this because I got a text from one of them this morning.

Before I left for Edinburgh for my exams, a friend at work kept on asking me to go out with them for drinks or dancing and I always said I needed to study and as such I couldn’t go. On Friday, he then sent me a message again asking if I wanted to go out. I thought about saying no so I could just be by myself at home and watch some tv, catch up on some of my shows, read blogs etc and then I realised how sad that sounded plus I didn’t have the exam excuse any more. It also occurred to me that I hardly ever do anything because I don’t know a lot of people in the area I live in as I only moved here for work which means I end up only going to work and back home then visiting family over the weekend and feeling like a boring person because I haven’t quite mastered the art of taking myself out to see movies and that sort of thing.. which I am gearing myself towards.

Anyway, I told him I’ll go out with them and he should give me a call when they get there as the place was just a 15 minutes walk from where I live anyway. This gave me about 4 hours after work to do my thing. I got home and just pretty much chilled! You people cannot understand how I felt. For once in a long period of time, I did not have to worry about studying . It was bliss! So I caught up on a few of my favourite shows, One Tree Hill and House and as I was getting comfortable on my bed watching these shows, I got the call saying they were at the bar. I was verging on changing my mind so I asked who was there so that if i didn’t know the people there then i would just stay in bed. He figured this out and he was like there are 9 of us here and you know 5 of us. That was my excuse gone.. lol so I said I’ll meet them there.

Took me just over an hour to get ready because my hair was just refusing to corporate and no I wasn’t trying to dress to kill or anything along those lines. If anything, I was trying not to draw too much attention to myself, especially as they were all guys and I know how they get when they get drunk (there are mostly guys in my office, don’t get me wrong, they are really cool people and we get along great). Eventually I felt I looked presentable enough and called a cab to take me to the bar. I get to the bar and as you’ll have it they were already drunk. I know this because as I walked in one made a comment about my boobs and how he has noticed them at work and I just wanted to run and hide! First things first, my blazer was still on. Secondly, my dress was not revealing my boobs in anyway, see picture below of a similar rendition of what I wore, only mine was more round necked. Awkward still.

Similar to what I wore but instead of the sweetheart neckline, it was full round neck meaning, no cleavage even showing!

After his statement I kept thinking what do I wear to work that would make someone think about my bossoms and blurt it out in a drunken rage and I came to the conclusion that he just has issues because I dress very decently to work, like any professional would! Another thing is, this person doesn’t sit on my floor and he is not in my department so I only see him maybe twice a week!

Finally the washing machine is drained and I have managed to work some magic because it seems to be working now, but i need to keep an eye on it.

Back to my story.

As it was getting hot, I dropped off my blazer in the cloak room (which in hindsight I shouldn’t have), and then we went to the dance floor to join them. it wasn’t actually as bad as I anticipated as I have never been out with this group of people before. They were great and civil. I knew it was all too good to be true when some guy tried to pick a fight with one of my colleagues. I found myself trying to separate fight, everyone kinda moved away except a couple of guys and myself. A second later I was asking myself, WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING! They will just use one hand and smack me away, see me feeling macho with myself. What a joke! Anyway, it died down without a fight and made me remember another reason I don’t like going to bars or clubs. So we kept dancing and then another fight broke out again, this time with no one in our group involved and at this time I had had enough so I decided to leave.

The cloak room guy just had no clue whatsoever. It took him at least 5 minutes to find anyone’s outerwear which didn’t help at all because I ended up standing on the queue for about 30 minutes just to get my blazer from a tiny cloakroom. The queue was so long you would have thought the bar was closing.

I find it funny when people get drunk, because the things they do and say is just funny, obviously it depends on the kind of person it is. I have never been drunk because I don’t know how to drink anyway. I am usually fine after a couple of drinks. How people are able to go on after a couple amazes me, I get full and dehydrated so I start drinking water after some time. Yesterday I discovered things about my colleagues I would never have known and got into a very deep conversation with one of them as well which was quite interesting.  We might have bonded, who knows. I got back home, exhausted and headed straight for my bed.

Woke up this morning with a text from one of them saying he was very drunk yesterday and if he said or did anything inappropriate he was sorry. I thought that was sweet, especially as he did not do anything inappropriate to me. Other than that, I woke up craving breakfast in bed, which was far fetched. I settled for pizza and chicken wings from dominos, not exactly breakfast but it was noon anyway and yummy. Watched some more House, read blogs, called carphonewarehouse to try to upgrade my phone as my blackberry is quarter to dead, but they said not till January :(.

It is now 6 14pm and I haven’t done anything productive, other than sort out my washing machine, which is humming away in the background and I am proud of myself! At the moment, I am still in the lazy mood, lying on my couch watching ‘don’t forget the lyrics’ and waiting for X factor to come on.


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2 thoughts on “My lazy Saturday

  1. lol @ smack my face with one hand…..g-a-l, dem no dey seperate fight o, esp among guys! I learnt that years ago when a neighbour son mistenkly hit me when he was fighting with his younger sibling….i don’t drink either & like to be by myself most of the time reading, watching t.v. Being drunk exposes ones vulnerability…..don’t like it at all, & i prefer you stay away from bars but attend movies & other places. Glad you are through with your exams….goodluck.

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