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He knows me too well…..

SO… Mr BS caught me at it again! I am not trying to be rude by saying BS by the way, those are his initials.. lol. If you read this Mr BS.. well lets just say you are right.

It is annoying sometimes when the only person that gets me after all these years and sees through my facade especially when I am trying to act all put together is Mr BS. I can’t remember the last time I saw him but we exchange text messages a few times and speak once in a while. It is amazing but scary.  Well today he sliced through it again.. reminded me I was stubborn,.. lol which I am and well pretty much challenged me to do something about something.. lol all coded I know.. but for now it is personal.

I can just imagine him reading this and thinking…. ‘you are too closed, you don’t open up to people, you make yourself hard to get … etc.. but well that’s what makes me me 🙂

Ta xxx

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2 thoughts on “He knows me too well…..

  1. *Laughs*……i initially thought it was B***S*** O.

    It’s usually like that….someone must know you in & out….*cough*…..hope is not what am thinking sha o?..

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