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My ‘Scrubs’ moment


My lower right side of my tummy has been a bit uncomfortable of recent and so I decided to google it to find out what it could be. Seeing as I had my appendix taken out when I was 9 it certainly isn’t appendicitis. I was watching the sitcom ‘Scrubs’ on tv  while doing this. At that exact moment, Bob Kelsall in Scrubs goes, the first patient he killed (by negligence or mistake or whatever) as doctor was a young girl who came in with tummy ache. He thought it was appendicitis (by this time, he had my full attention) only for him to find out that the girl was pregnant and it was an ectopic pregnancy. The pain was caused because she was bleeding inside and he did not realise this, hence she died. What a downer! The last thing I needed to hear.. not like I could be pregnant anyway.


Two things. Invited a friend for dinner at mine tomorrow who wants to try Nigerian food.  I am going to make pounded yam and efo. It is clearly going to be a hit a miss.

I have finally booked a restaurant for my birthday dinner with friends! Exciting times!




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2 thoughts on “My ‘Scrubs’ moment

  1. Now, that is quite scary…..a church member died of such….

    That is lovely!…have a pleasant dinner & wonderful birthday celebration…remember to send me cake o….*smiles*…have a fun-filled weekend.

  2. its really sad.. my mum is nurse and i remember once she was so distraught when she came back from work because this girl came in with the same issue and she died.

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