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Oh boy…

She’s gone and done it! *sigh* lol my biggest fear has finally happened thanks to my friend.

Plus I feel like blogs I have been reading recently.. well in the last couple of days were preparing me for this day because if I did not read those blogs…hmmm maybe I would be running now… but erm.. I feel better equipped to deal with this.. lol (its nothing huge I am just been dramatic). Now.. to the matter at hand… wouldn’t you want to know? hehehe I ain’t telling just yet.. you’ll find out one day. What I will say for now, at the risk of counting my eggs before they hatch is.. its not going to be easy.

On another note.. mama and papa are around!!! I am so excited today because I saw them both! I just love my parents soo much and I think the fact I don’t see them everyday makes me appreciate them more. My blackberry has been sick for a while now, needing repairs and papa coincidentally just bought a new phone which he offered me (bless him) but because I would miss my blackberry messenger (bbm) dearly, and mama uses a BB but never uses her bbm so I asked her to swap with me which is did as well!

Plus a couple other pieces of good news that just brought smiles to face….. *sigh sigh sigh* sooooooooooo happy….

Plus… I need to decide what to bake for the office for my birthday and my turn on the baking rota. I want to be a bit adventurous, but it might come at a price. Whatever I decide, I will put pictures up 🙂

Hopefully my next blog will make more sense 🙂


Have a great week. xx

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4 thoughts on “Oh boy…

  1. this blog post already makes sense Im gonna be baking soon too (for the first time)…scared but excited…

  2. I can;t wait to hear the tori o….am happy with you….you baked that cake on your office table?……..beautiful!.

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