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Post D-day tales

So people, birthday blues are just about wearing away. I have to say I still feel special as the gifts and cards are still coming. I love gifts!!! Today I got a novel based in Africa from a colleague in a different office in the post. I am looking forward to read the book. It is called Blood River by Tim Butcher.

So, my last blog was talking about a certain big parcel. Let me rewind a little. It was my birthday morning, and my darling friend Nurah kept on saying royal mail messed them up. I was wondering what she was talking about and then I eventually realised she and a few of my friends had pooled money together to get me something. So on Thursday, I happened to be working at home in the morning when my bell rang. I hardly have visitors… hardly ever, except I am expecting them. So curiously, I went downstairs to find out who it was and it was a delivery guy from City point, with a huge package on my door step. So my gut instinct when I saw it was a 32 inch flat screen tv was to say, please who are you looking for? To me, it couldn’t have been for me, I wasn’t expecting it and I mean.. lol it was the last thing I expected. Then he goes it is for flat X, which is my flat and I was like OMG! I now had to try not to look too surprised so that he won’t think I am one ole that is trying to steal another person’s television seeing as I already asked who it was for.  So I gladly signed for it and carried my new gift upstairs, smiling from ear to ear. I finally set up the beauty this evening. Let’s just say watching eastenders was more interesting tonight!

The people responsible for this cutey… all I can say is God bless them.. and that was not all they did! Keep reading to find out.  These people are made up of.. my dearly beloved younger brother (the one right after me), my darling nurah, semirah, temi, dami a, sola a, sola o, dedun, kismat and layo! My ten eyan gidi! Love them to pieces. What amazes me the most is 4 out of the 10 people are now in naija but still they extended their love from there! God bless them. I also received season 1 of vampire diaries, a barometer and a cupcake recipe book. Not to forget, my cousin paid for my dinner which was great :)! Also, 3 other people have asked for my address to post my pressies to (excited much!!  I love gifts, especially as they are usually a surpise) and one person said he posted something and he keeps asking me everyday if I have received it so I am hoping it come soon. Especially as this person is MR BS.

Moving on, like i blogged earlier, I was organising a birthday dinner for myself, but as I have been very busy, I didn’t have time to get my hair done or buy my outfit. Luckily, the dinner was on Saturday night at 7:30pm. So nice and early on Saturday morning, 8am to be precise I was up and on my way to the saloon, hair done by 11am and then I headed to Oxford street to find my dress! Hmmm MISTAKE! That place is a jungle at this time of the year as it is very close to christmas. So I had to battle with tourists and jobless people mehn, I was screaming inside. To be precise I just wanted to push people out of my way! To make matters worse I wasn’t very lucky finding a dress! Looked in Warehouse, Oasis, Bersheka, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Debenhams, House of Fraser… *sigh* the list goes on. I actually nearly cried…. yea I know how silly… but I was thinking, why did I leave it this late? To make matters worse… I didn’t bring any other outfits down from Reading, so it was either the pair of jeans and top I was wearing or I found something to buy. I started hating all the designers at the same time for making dresses too short! I mean.. but why!! most of the dresses I found wear just too short. Trust me I like tastefully short dresses… but not the ones I saw jare. I finally entered Next (which I must say any time I am in distress because I can’t find something I like, especially shoes, it always comes to my rescue! Why I didn’t do there first, I don’t know!). I had a quick look round, but this time, it was about 3:30pm! I had no more time. I didn’t find anything. As I was leaving, this dress on the manikin caught my eyes! At time point, I didn;t care any more, I tried it on and to me it was the dress I was going to wear that  night (picture below).

I hurried home, showered, got dressed and headed out. As I was leaving the house, my aunts were just getting back home. At this time, I was already day. One of my aunt’s insisted on taking my picture while she was in the car, but she couldn’t find her digital camera so it had to be her phone camera right. But problem is, it was dark. Guess what she made me do? She made me stand in front of the car, with the car headlights reflecting on my face, then she took a picture!

The dress!!! 🙂

A random thing then happened at the restaurant, a friend called me to ask for directions to the restaurant so I was on the phone as I walked out of the restaurant to find her and these old tourist men were taking pictures in front of the restaurant. Before I could say or do anything, one of them dragged me and two of them were standing beside me with their hands round my shoulder and someone took our picture. I was like what the heck is going on… and then one goes, “ can’t just expect to come out in that dress and expect to walk scott free…” talk about smooth talker! I just left them, before it turns from taking pictures to something else. The rest of dinner was great!!!! I invited about 30 people, not because I expected them all to come, (but so no one say ‘you did not invite me’ even though they know they can’t come) but I booked a table for 15 and 15 people turned up! I feel like such an organiser with myself *high 5 myself* We had fun and then it was time for us to go home and to get the bill and they were wasting so much time. I began to feel bad because one of my friend’s just had a baby and the longer it took for the bill to come the longer she will be away from her baby and also, my aunt and uncle locked themselves out of the house by mistake and they were waiting for me to come home with the key. So as I was speaking to the waitress one of my friend’s came to drag me back to the table. As I sat down, a cake with candles and my name on it was behind me and everyone started singing happy birthday *surprise number 2 from the above 10* gosh…. I was surprised.. again and happy!!! It was a lovely evening!

Finally got back to my home station with my uncle and aunts there to pick me up. I was a bit worried they would say I should have come back earlier as they were locked out,but instead they were apologetic that they cut my birthday dinner short!

Long and short i have so many people in my life that love me and I am sure you all do. Just look around you and you will find them. They may not necessarily show this love to you in a material way, but keep them very close to you.

That’s all for now :).

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9 thoughts on “Post D-day tales

  1. Awwwwwwwww! Lovely post. Happy Birthday, you have started making me feel a little jealous:) My birthday is in a months time and I doubt I will have any surprise presents:))

  2. AWWWWWWWW, so sweet of them….am so glad you had fun….& lots of present [an envious here o]…… certainly look good……so it was a flat screen huh?….yay! lucky you….can see you changed your template….so coincidence with your birthday huh?….but the other looked more brighter….just an observation pls, no offense ok…….happy birthday Angel, & we would celebrate many many many many more years IJN…amin.

  3. eyaaaaa, happy birthday dear

  4. Happy Birthday Angelsbeauty, my fellow blogger!

    Sorry it is coming a bit later.

    Wish you success, love, long-life, prosperity!

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