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Another reason I love my colleagues…

I have had such a blah day… and so I decided to take a break from retracing my footsteps today and blog about my day, if I feel up to it, might blog the third part tonight but most likely tomorrow.

We got new laptops at work  yesterday which in theory sounds like a great thing, but practically it was a pain in my behind. I didn’t want to change my laptop because it meant they had to transfer all my files from the old laptop to the new one which took about an hour and a half. Then I had to download all the softwares etc that I needed to work.

Let’s just say yesterday was not very good timing. First of all, my mum was staying with me and she didn’t have my flat keys because she thought she would get to the flat after me but as you guessed, this was not the case. She got into town an hour before I could get off work and I still had to wait for my laptop. I eventually received the laptop but I had to run some updates before leaving the office which meant my mum had to wait in the cold ( I am sorry mummy). I eventually met up with my mum, she wasn’t too happy but she still  made my efo (vegetable soup)  as promised! It is the richest efo I have eaten in a while, and it isnt even as rich as she could have made it if I had all the ingredients. All I know is that panla fish was madddddd!

So I had a client meeting this morning and planned to get to work earlier than usual so I could sort my laptop out and get what i needed for the meeting. Unfortunately, my laptop had other plans, it would not connect to the network which meant I could not get the information I needed.  I got really stressed and panicked  and because I am so smiley and happy and always laughing (apparently I have a filthy laugh and I laugh with intent according to my colleagues), my colleagues were switched on to the fact I was sad. My darling KW suggested I call It to sort it out but they could not sort it out before my meeting. I informed the manager and we ended up using his laptop.

KW gave me a santa clause lindt chocolate and said when I feel stressed Ishould bite off santa’s head which made me laugh and she made me take it with me to the meeting. I was very grateful as I love chocolate. As soon as I got back to the office, two of my colleagues met me at the cafetaria to make sure I was fine and another one gave me a twix bar! lol.. I am sure you are wondering what’s up with the chocolate, but I love eating chocolates! I have them for breakfast sometimes. In fact I won a sweet addict award in the office because of my addition to sweet and chocolate. So they were doing me a favour and giving me the chocs to make me smile.

They succeded. In conclusion, I love my colleagues! They make working worthwhile! I feel like I am part of a little family. They are always willing to help and giving me lifts home occasionally even if it is out of their way. In fact, one had an accident once while giving me a lift home. Thank God we were both fine and not once did he even look at me or blame me to say something along the lines of.. if you were not in my car this won’t have happened. I love them plenty and I hope I show them as much  love as they show me.

Off to complete part 3 of retracing my footsteps 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Another reason I love my colleagues…

  1. Working in the right environment brings out the best in people! Am happy for you..but the chocolates no go affect your teeth?……so is mama still around?..

  2. Go and see a dentist oh! I’m happy you work with people you love! Ku ishe.xoxo

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