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A new friend

Good evening all!! Today was very manic at work, I was all kinds of busy!! That aside, my Domino’s mighty meaty pizza and chicken wings with barbecue sauce just got delivered and boy, you should see the smile on my face! Right now, I would make a great advertisement for Domino’s pizza lol.

Now to the issue at hand. Like I said in my last blog, I am an over analyser and 70% of the time I am right. Here goes my story.

We were told a couple of months back at work that we will be receiving new laptops which was very good news as my old work laptop was quarter to dead anyway. They sent us a calendar invite to pick a date we would like to receive the new laptop so I picked the first day of the laptop roll out. I got to work that morning very excited and early enough to give me some time to save the documents on my old laptop that I needed elsewhere. Just before it was my turn to receive my laptop, I get an email cancelling my appointment as they were having technical issues. I was quite disappointed. They eventually rescheduled it to the next Monday.

Let’s go back to the first morning of the roll out…

When I got to the office reception that morning, just before I swiped myself in, I noticed a few people waiting by the receptionist’s desk. What particularly caught my attention was the potential Nigerian looking man. This caught my attention because it is a very rare occasion as there are only 3 Nigerians, myself inclusive and a handful, maximum 5 other black people out of 350 people (i think). I wondered for a second why they were at the office. I knew for a fact they were not clients because it was a bit too early for clients to be in the office so I thought, maybe they have just started working in the office. Then it occurred to me exactly who they were. They were the IT contractors helping with the laptop roll out. So I thought for an extra second about the him again and in the split second I looked at him, I decided he was too old for me and married/dating, so I let it go. Meanwhile, the only Naija friend (Nigerian) lady at work also noticed him, and asked me who it was and I told her what my theory was and we both forgot about him even though she was positive I was wrong.

On my newly appointed date to pick up my laptop, I went down to the room and there he was. This time I was able to get a better view and still stuck to my, too old for me and taken conclusion (not that he looks old..he looks like he is in his late twenties, but something about him just gave out that old vibe). I handed him my laptop and we made very little small talk and that was how I established he is Nigerian. After I had handed over my old laptop he told me to come back in an hour to pick up my laptop. As the very organised person as I am *cough cough* I already planned to have a conference call with one of my clients so I won’t be idle for an hour without a laptop. Unfortunately, the meeting overran which meant I was late to pick up my laptop. By the time I got there, MR IT then apologises to me saying he had to attend to someone else, but he has passed my laptop hand over to another one of his colleagues. I was a bit disappointed but oh well, I now have a new laptop, all is well with the world.

My fellow naija lady was due to pick up her new laptop on Thursday. So she stops by my cubicle and we have a chat. She then tells me Mr IT attended to her and they got chatting and he seems like a really nice person and she doesn’t think he is too old for me and we will fit each other. I told her to stop jumping into conclusion. Two of my other colleagues then join the conversation and will me to say hello to him, saying it won’t hurt and even if he is with someone, there is no harm being friends. I think about this and convinced myself I shouldn’t. Then I thought to myself, ‘you always play safe, you don’t take risks. What if he is single? You are not asking him out, you are just saying hello, you are not psychic. If he is taken no harm being friends, etc’. After hyping myself up for some time I finally sent him a message on the messenger saying ‘Hi!’.

He replies, not just saying Hi, he apologies for taking too long to reply…it wasn’t up to 5 minutes! Plus the fact that he must be busy helping people with their laptops. I won’t go into too much detail but we got on so well… like a bush on fire. At the back of my mind I was still thinking about the possibility of him been too old or taken. I was too shy to bring it up so I let it go. He then offers me a lift somewhere convenient saying he was feeling nice. I declined the lift and told him to ask me again when next he is feeling nice. Even though that evening, a lift would be doing me a huge favour. So we said our byes and went home.

we had interesting conversations

The next morning.. we chatted all day. I will not lie but my productivity that day was very low, I am very sorry to my ogas (bosses) but.. I just chatted away while I was working and we had really good conversion. I am not going to lie.. he was flirting.. full stop.. (MR IT if you do read this, you know I am not lying..) but I kept thinking I need to know more about this guy. Time to go home again and this time I accepted his offer to give me a lift. Met him at the reception, we shook hands and then headed for his car. The conversation still went smoothly and I found a way to ask him for his age slyly. He is 7 years older than me. Now, in the past, amongst other things, I always said the maximum age difference between myself of whatever man I am interested in is 7 years. Even 7 years is a big stretch.

I hear you ask, why so many restrictions. The age one in particular to me is because my brain immediately reverts to respect mode. If my boyfriend or whoever is 7 years and above older than I am, I begin to see him as an uncle, dad or someone I have to give respect to. I will not be able to see him as some one I can love or date. My reflex will be to call him uncle which I am sure he will not be too pleased about hence why 7 years is my absolute maximum. Next question is, why am I already thinking about it, he hasn’t said he is interested. I am sure we all know, especially women that there is a difference between a guy making conversation and a conversation that could possibly lead somewhere. Our conversations were verging on possibly leading somewhere. So when he tells me his age I am thinking, hmm.. he just about makes the cut off mark, I could live with that. Now the next thing is, is he single?

While in the car, his phone rings and his caller id said ‘xx’. It was not a name, but looked like something that could have been a pet name for someone. My lovely best friends that I have discussed this with say that it would mean nothing, but I know what I heard. I am 90% sure it was a lady, she was asking where he was and he asked to call her back after which i decided to stop listening. It was very hard trying not to listen as we were in a car and i couldn’t excuse him. After the conversation, I tried to keep the conversation normal and then a few minutes later, his phone rang again and this time it was his brother, I know this because he told me who it was.

We reached my destination, I thank him and left. Back in the office, I have been very careful how we chat. We will talk and all but more on a friendly level. I still didn’t know if he was single or not so I decided to devise another sly way to ask. I start thinking of possible questions I could ask that could lead to him telling me whether or not he was single. Now you are wondering why I didn’t just flat out ask? Well, where is the fun in that? This time, the opportunity presented itself when said I had a lovely smile and eventually said I was pretty. I said ‘thank you, but I am not sure your wife will be too pleased with you saying that to another lady no matter how innocent it may seem’. He then replies saying ‘.. point taken, I am only saying the truth and I have no hidden agenda.’ He went on to say he had no hidden motive a few other times and I assured him I believe him and I am aware he has no hidden motive. I am happy to remain friends with him and I understand he is married or dating or whatever so I will keep my distance. I mean, do unto to others what you want done to you right?

In conclusion, like I have said a few times, just by seeing someone for a few minutes, I can tell you a few things about them… now I can gloat to my colleagues that I was right.


The movie Hostages is on TV with Bruce Willis, I love him. I am very tired as it is nearly 1 am and I am really contemplating whether or not to watch this movie.. hmmm

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4 thoughts on “A new friend

  1. thatgirl on said:

    Was there no ring on his finger? Yeah girl, you should definately keep your distance, don’t even try and have a friendship with him because if he is definately taken though it may start out innocently and your motives pure, it can and will lead to infidentity. From what it appears though this guy was working his way to having you on ‘the side’- hes obviously in a relationship with someone which he admitted to and flirting and giving you lifts in his car…dog! You don’t need someone like that, this already speaks volumes about his character.
    You were right on this guy but really next time when you meet a guy, don’t analyse anything, just enjoy the friendship. Don’t have ‘potential mate’ on your mind rather allow things like finding out his age, relationship status etc to be found out in their own time during the cause of the friendship.

    • @thatgirl no he wasn’t wearing a ring which made it tricky. I agree with. I found this out before I left the office yesterday.. Will definitely keep my distance and definitely no more lifts.

      Hmm okay I will try my best not to over analyse. I will just see what happens. Watch this space.

      Thanks 🙂

  2. You are so right! A 30year old successful I.T guy living abroad not yet married / engaged?…hmmm…. impossicate!….*laughing*…..stick to your intuition…..the xx is a pet name for a lady who wants to know where he is, maybe becox they have a dinner date or she is already preparing dinner & for the fact that he did not tell you who the caller was but told you when his brother called was a SOLID proof!

    Well, pls let it be a harmless flirting game….but this one e don come know the route to your house?… very C-A-R-E-F-U-L……becox 9ja guys don’t slack ooo….*grinning*.

    Have a merry xmas.

    • No he didn’t take me home, I was on my way to a church dinner.. lol. I know right. There is an update to the thing now sha.. he definitely isn’t married or so he says but he hasn’t confirmed if he is seeing anyone. I guess I will find out tomorrow. But not holdng my breath :).

      I will be careful! Thank you.

      Have a great christmas too. x

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