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I’m going home… and a few digressions

Packing my luggage

Oh yes I am going home! I can’t believe it is finally next week! I have waited too long for this day and by God’s grace the day will finally come and I will go and have fun! I think I truly deserve a break. The office has been nothing but manic these past couple of days. So busy that my manager called at me across the cluster to ask if I had started working on some work that is due in January and I replied NO! Everyone started laughing, I wondered what was funny, but they said it was because I didn’t even lie or say I have started working on it but I have not finished. The manager then said that’s what she likes to hear, the truth. The reason why I said no like that was because I have been working with her on 3 other urgent clients that day so I was wondering how I was expected to have started thinking about something due in January. I digress.

So I was telling you about how I am going home and how happy I am to be. I confuse my friends, my new friends especially when I say I am going home. These last 7 years, home has been Nigeria, Croydon, Reading and Edinburgh and in most cases I am in one of those places at various times in the year. So when I say I am going home, they have to ask which home. The last time I was in Nigeria for a long stretch of time was 2 years ago and right now I am just HUNGRY to go back and get some more culture back in me. This time I will be there for nearly 3 weeks and already those 3 weeks are packed with weddings and family time with a few days left for friends.

We will then spend new year in Ijebu.. that i am not looking forward to because honestly it is boring for me. My  brothers take their game console and play games whereas I end up just sitting and starring or what them sort out the asun and suya etc.. *sigh* yum yum! That I am looking forward to! The plan this year is to try to get some of my friends to come down for the day on new year’s eve and then we have a small party. We will see how that goes sha. I hope just I will have access to constant internet to update my blog and fill you in on my escapade. That failing, I shall download wordpress on my blackberry and update you from my blackberry. I have so much hope for this holiday, quite high expectation which may be good or bad but I am so excited!

The thing is, I am not yet packed! I am such a silly girl. The funny thing is I started packing in like October! Okay some of you might not classify it as packing but what I did was this. When summer was officially over, as in when it started getting cold, I got our my suitcases and dumped all my summer clothes into a suitcase, after all it will be scorching hot. Problem is, since then, I haven’t had time to sort through them plus I have bought plenty more things that I need to take plus things people sent me with. One suitcase is nearly there but still loads of stuff and i am trying to avoid excess luggage. The funny thing is my own personal things will probably be fine in just one suitcase.  My mum said I should only bring 3 pairs of shoes, but erm, that is so not going to happen. This girl has to have some variety and choices, you just never know!

On another note, we had our christmas party today at work and it was FABULOUS. I can’t explain it. it was just soooooo much fun.. lol i am so tempted to say it is the best fun i have had in years. Words can’t describe it but all I can say is I danced like no tomorrow. I am just hoping they won’t remember on monday cos I know i will be teased. I danced and danced and danced it was just *sigh* so much fun! Okay enough about that already.

It is 3:22am and it is time for me to go to bed.


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2 thoughts on “I’m going home… and a few digressions

  1. I can feel the excitement through the laptop…lol…….danced like there is no tomorrow?…that is letting off stress!

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