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A blog to the snow and kids

My people of blogsville, this snow pass me!! Seriously…I mean it finally reached my area in Reading. We have been hearing about it and not really appreciating the extent of it but eventually we were hit with  a vengeance. Following my fabulous night last night, I woke up at 9am this morning to a phone call from my uncle who lives in Croydon. He asked if I have looked outside to see the snow and then I said I am sure it is not that bad because I got in very early this morning and there was no snow. I lazily got out o fmy bed and looked outside and to my amazement everywhere was white and people had started abandoning their cars on the road as they couldn’t drive any further. As I planned on going to Croydon in the evening, my uncle then advised me to start coming now so that I will not get stranded because the transport system stops working when it snows heavily. I heeded to his good advice.

After about 2 hours I was in Croydon and on the bus home from the station, I was feeling giddy and proud with myself when the Mercedes in front the bus started acting like it was on a skating rink. The car just decided to disobey the drivers commands and instead do whatever the snow and ice on the ground permitted. This meant our bus could not move as the car in front of us kept skidding. I eventually got off the bus and walked the 25 minutes home, up and down the snowy hills with my wellies boots. I am telling you, I have done enough exercise just trying not to fall down. I don’t even have to include going to the gym to my resolution list as the dance from the christmas party and this walk has covered that for me.

I eventually got home and our street was pure white. Very picturesque. As in, it put a smile on my face. Quite white and serene, I just had to stand for an extra couple of seconds (as the cold would permit) to take it all in. As I walked into the house, what welcomed me also made me smile. One of my dad’s cousins had twins in August and I haven’t been to visit since she had them, I know I am bad. So herself, her husband and her three kids are staying with us. Her first child is 3 now and has grown in such a beautiful girl, with her curly hair which has now grown. She is so wise beyond her years that the gift I got her was a dress for age 6-7. I genuinely thought she was 5 years old until her mum confirmed she was 3. Now to my lovely twins. They are just so adorable, a boy and a girl. The girl came first and is tiny and the boy second and well, as sturdy as any boy. I mostly took care of the boy. All he needed was food and his pacifier (dummy) and he would smile and play with you all day and eventually sleep. The funniest thing that happened was when he was hungry, I was feeding him and each time I took the spoon out of his mouth to get some more food for him, he would cry. It was so funny because I was giving him more food but he didn’t want me to remove the spoon. The girl on the other hand, very pretty and petite. She cried more than her brother did and doesn’t eat much.

It was just amazing having them. I mean, 3 little kids, all needing attention. It made me wonder how my aunt copes, especially in this country where you don’t really have help. Her mum just went back to Nigeria after helping them for some months. I mean, the first child kept trying to hug her brother and sister but in the process nearly crushing them. I kept having to explain to her that they were babies and she should hug them lightly. She will then laugh and run away. While I was carrying the boy, she will come to me to carry her as well, etc. It was good seeing and helping change diapers and feed them and carry them etc, but now I am more inclined to maybe have 5 years in between my kids if life permits. I know it is easier said than done, please nitty, shed some more light on this for me. If Mr husband wants more children, he had better be willing to cough out the dough for someone to help out, I guess it depends on where I start my family, that is not certain yet. I eventually drifted off to sleep, huge mistake as miss 3-year-old was still wide awake. She kept on waking me up, but she is so cute you cannot get mad at her. She is always smiling, but gets cranky when she is tired even though she won’t admit she is tired.

As for this snow, I am not enjoying it at all. I mean, the airports are shut and flights grounded. Do you know how annoying that is? You cough out your hard-earned cash to buy a plane ticket for you to go on holiday, you anticipate this day for so long and then it comes, you wake up nice and early go to the airport only to be told your flight as been cancelled. How dare they! I know it snowed, but I am very sure this is not the first time they have snowed. How irritating and incompetent. Whoever is responsible has to man up and do his or her job. They should stop coming up with excuses, it is simply unacceptable. How can the major airports in a city like London close down in the snow. It is very embarrassing. There are countries that get hit worse than we do and life goes on. So from all of this, I am sure you can tell I am not very happy! Especially as my flight to Nigeria is in a few days and I won’t be taking cancelled for an answer! Ko JO o!! Abegi, I am not spending christmas in this country.

So with a bit of frustration and loads of happiness for being able to see my baby cousins, I leave you to rest!


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2 thoughts on “A blog to the snow and kids

  1. Tnx for the mention & sorrry for reading so late….i was away at my parents…….a wonder to behold!…sleep ke?….you only sleep when they have slept! wake up when they wake!…you life rotates around them 24/7!….*laughing*……it’s better to be late than be late, i do say to myself when faced with such disappointments which is a blessing in disguise.

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