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What is your favourite past time?

Okay people, this is a confession I have made a lot of times but I have just had a meal that made me think I better make this confession again. I LOVE FOOD! I mean, to the extent that it brings a smile to my face. Infact I was telling my friend this evening that a man thta can make me happier than my food makes me will win my heart forever. That’s how happy food makes me, VERY HAPPY! I have just finished polishing a pork rib, chicken in black bean and green pepper sauce and rice and I feel so happy. I ordered some chinese for dinner tonight because I have not gone food shopping as I go away on holiday in a few days.

I started to notice my love for food while hanging out with one of my good friends, Nuree. We went to the same high school in Nigeria and the same university here and we are family friends. At university, we spent a lot of time together, either at her flat or mine and most of the times we were together, we spent it cooking! One day, she had just finished making something lovely, I dont remember if it was breakfast or dinner and as I was eating it, I was singing and dancing. Yes you heard it right. I was in the kitchen with her while she dished the food and then she started to laugh. I asked why and she told me because I have started with my dancing again. Apparently, anytime I am eating and enjoying my food, which is most of the time, I sing and dance.

Other events at university also helped me cultivate my love for food. All Majority of my friends are good cook. I mean, Sola’s specialty is chicken wings, Vese’s is jollof rice, dodo gizzard and fat in a cup, Kunle’s  I am not quite sure what exactly he is good at cooking, but I remember we had a pool party once at a friend’s and he single handedly cooked for like 10 of us and the food was lovely. As that was the first time I have tasted anything he cooked, I can’t say for sure what he is good at cooking but the food was nice sha. Nuree is good with efo and she is very good with putting together things for breakfast. I mean there are somethings she will combine together that you would never have considered and then you taste it and KABUM! You are in love with it already. Layo on the other hand is our western lady. From the shepherd’s pies, to the lasagnes to the lovely cocktails. I could go on, but most of my friend’s both male and female can cook.

The only thing cramping my style with the whole eating thing is me trying not to be a gluton and also making sure I don’t eat myself into buying a new wardrobe for my what will be a big butt. I am not lying, I am thinking of having another helping of food right now, but the voice of my friend Vese is in my head! Since I told her I was going to Nigeria, she has been encouraging me to make sure I have my holiday body so I don’t get opressed by my fellow naija girls and their lovely figures with their flat bellies. But I really can’t help myself. I mean, a few days to go and erm, I don’t feel I am in my best shape, but I say.. OH WELL! It is only going to get worse when I start with my asun and suya and ikokore. Another thing cramping my food eating style is the fact that I have a small stomach. I am not saying I have a flat tummy, I mean more like the capacity of my stomach is appauling. When I go to a restaurant for a 3 course meal, usually by the beginning of the second course I start to struggle as I am already full. No matter how I try to be strategic, which means buffets are not exactly for me as after 2 helpings or so I am stuffed. People always think I am joking or trying to be cool, if only that was the case.

Tell me people, do you love food as much as I do or am I on my own and also, what is your favourite past time?

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4 thoughts on “What is your favourite past time?

  1. WalkingEnigma on said:

    I sure love food and cooking. I’m a guy and i usually ‘boast’ that i can cook everything I eat. Except ikokore sha, which i guess doesnt speak too well of an ijebu man, lol. But my tite schedule doesnt give me so much time to get into the kitchen…So my favorite pastime for now must be … SLEEPIN!

    • Lol I am ijebu as well and I love ikokore. I plan to learn how to cook it this holiday, no excuses. But I love the way you said your tight schedule doesn’t permit you to learn how to cook ikokore but your favourit past time is sleep. I love sleep too but never get enough.
      Its good you know how to cook jare no girl can do shakars for you.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Love cooking?……i simply do it out of necessity… a PASSIVE cook!….the stress involved puts me off!….in 9ja where there is no constant electricity to preserve them….means cooking new soups/stews every 2-3days!…..with the economic crunch, one cannot really experiment! especially for a family of 6!…..when i visited my sister-in-law at scotland i was was surprised i develop a urge to cook! cook! cook! to experiment! experiment! experiment! becox EVERYTHING was at my fingertip! the appliances, the variety of food….i mean, i found myself enjoy cooking! your question…DO I LIKE FOOD?…..hmmm, with my FIGURE, you would expect a YES abi?……w-r-o-n-g!…..i eat food becox it’s necessary!….i don’t experiment on any new recipe! It’s the usual rice, eba, semo, yam, plantain, stew, soup, salad, moimoi, akamu, beans & akara! oh….my nick name in the kitchen dept according to my hubby is NITEL OR NEPA!….meaning so many resources available…but limited services provided!….lol… am average!

    p.s…jeez!…na this simple question lead to me writing an epistle?…m-e-h-n….my period is messing up my moods!….. *a big grin*

    • Looool! Nitty! I agree with you o. I wanted to make fried rice here, by the time I finished scrapping and chopping over 20 carrots lol I gave up and asked the olopos to cook it. Because over there you can just buy a bag of mixed vegetables and carry on with your cooking. Lol @nitel or Nepa.

      Ps: I am blogging from my phone so haven’t been able to check out your blog but once I land back home next week I will be on a roll!

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