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naija so far

Oh my! Its been a great first 4 days in Nigeria. A great sweaty stressful fun and lovely 4 days. So I landed Abuja on Wednesday night. Everything was going great, got my luggage and saw my Mum immediately I was out which was very good. It was great seeing her. I flew with KLM, the last time I flew them was about 10 years ago so I wasn’t sure what to expect but I can say their service was fabulous! Its the best airline I have flown to Nigeria. Their air hostesses were polite unlike virgin Nigeria. When you fly with virgin Nigeria in my experience anyway, you will think you are not paying for your ticket and they offered you a free flight. They are so rude. I remember once on the plane I asked for water and the guy told me it wasn’t yet time for a drink. I was shocked. Am I in a nursery? If I was sitting down in my house won’t I have walked to the kitchen to get a drink. Arrant nonsense, but that aside klm was great.

After my brother landed in Abuja it was time to fly to lagos for Christmas only this time we were flying Arik. I already had my doubts about the airline after an article I read online a few months ago about how poor their service was. Anyway we were to get the 7am flight to lagos. Myself my mum and two brothers got up as early as 4am so we can have a shower and get a cab to the airport. Got to the airport at like 5 15am when we were told the check-in does not open till 6am. If I say I understand that policy I will be lying. We waited around and then check-in opened and the chaos before my eyes was unbelievable. I left my brothers to check us all in. Next thing they started calling the 7 15am flight to lagos to board. Yes you heard me right, 7 15am while they left the 7am flight people to wonder what was going on. No one offered an explanation. I was shocked. Obviously there is a reason we all choose the 7am flight instead of 715am because we all had plans. I was already fuming at this point. At about 7 30 they called us to board the plane. They then told us on the plane that instead of a local plane we are using their international plane that just arrived from London and we will be landing at the international airport. Everyone then had to take out their phones to let those picking them up who initially thought they would be going to the local airport. By this time my dad who was picking up just said call me when you are about to take off. The plane finally took off at 8.30am.

We eventually landed in Lagos, thank God and got out of the plane to get our luggage. Apparently that was not to be the case. Immigration will not let us through. To be honest they are not at fault. If the foolish management of Arik could not inform them in advance of the change in plans so they could have advised them accordingly on what to do with the passengers. Eventually immigration let us through on one condition. The condition was that we write down our names and give them our boarding passes. On the real though after you have reached you destination do you keep your boarding pass? Well I don’t and it has never been a problem. Luckily the people in front of me were not having it so they pushed their way passed and that was how we all got to the baggage hall. For once I was grateful for the rowdiness. The story of the day is Arik was very disappointing. I am not looking forward to my journey back to Abuja with them. Maybe I will have another story to share with you.

There are so many things happening in this country. Its been fun so far. Now I am on my way to ibadan. In the meanwhile I will leave you with this. I was at Elegushi beach yesterday (story for another day) and needed a drink. So I went to this lady selling drinks and asked for a bottle of Miranda. Get this right, the lady said the bottle is too far inside the cooler so she can’t sell it to me. Now that’s what I call a crappy customer service.

Enjoy the rest of your year people.

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6 thoughts on “naija so far

  1. WalkingEnigma on said:

    Naija 4 life, LOL!!!
    There’s indeed no place like home.

  2. Welcome to 9ja!….ahahahaaa…..said the bottle is inside so can’t sell it?….oh my!..* rocking with laff here o*…..that is 9ja service for you!….I DON’T LIKE ARIK!!!!!!!!!…..nothing good about them!……Virgin airlines?….i enjoyed their flight when i traveled in Nov….i heard KLM is very good…..HA! …..the rowdiness!….trust 9jas!…..we are a PECULIAR people!….lollllllll

    • Lol na so o. Meanwhile my grandma had it worse. She travelled with arik from London. First of all they did not leave on that day. They left the day after and them her luggage came out last. She was so stressed she cried. I wanted to swear for them.

  3. Lol@ I am still in nursery.

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