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My not so fun day on Elegushi beach

So my last blog was about how great naija was right? Now this blog is about how upset some aspects made me. People following me on twitter would have heard some of this already. Honestly nothing annoys me more than people saying they will do something and then when the time comes they keep quiet.

Take this as an example. Over a month before I came to Nigeria for my holiday. About 30 of the girls in my class in high school started this blackberry group. It was a good idea as I had not seen or heard from some of them in going to 8 years. One of the things we discussed was a reunion. We decided on the 27th of December at Elegushi beach 12 noon. A few people on the group suggested we donated money so someone can organise the food and drinks. Knowing how people get when money is involved plus I knew no one would drop money, I immediately suggested that everyone should bring what they want to eat and drink and just show up.

On the day of the event my mum was not too keen on my going to the beach. Especially as the week before some public figure nearly drowned in the same beach and later on died in the hospital. I managed to convince her that I would not go by the water and I won’t stay there for too long. By this time it was 1PM. I let them know on the group what was going on and I eventually got to the beach at 2PM. First of all they asked me to pay 1500 naira per head by the entrance of the beach. I haggled it down to 1000 naira because as far as I was concerned I shouldn’t have to pay to visit the beach. Car park I can understand but a beach that is not greatly maintained besides I was with the driver and he only took me there and has no intentions of doing anything more.

So on the beach I was expecting to see a few of my friends from school. By this time it was about 2pm. Get this, only one person was there. I was not very pleased. Both of us caught up on old times ate and just watched the sea. About two hours later, someone wise turned up. By this time I had to leave as I had to run a couple of errands for my mum. We took a few pictures and headed out. As we were leaving the beach at about 4pm, 3 more people turned up!

The lesson me I sha learnt was this..I will stick to people who walk their talk. If I can’t make an event I am invited to. I am quick to say it. Why can’t people do the same. If they had told me, seeing as I had very limited number or days in Lagos I could have done something else. Oh well. Another lesson I have learnt on this trip is this, as long as I come to Nigeria during the festive period it will mostly be spent with family. Which I no longer mind. I love my family. They are the best thing that has happened to me and I constantly ask God to bless them and open doors for them and also to provide for their needs. I also pray that God will protect them from the eyes of those who do not wish them well in Jesus name.

I am now in the car on my way from Ijebu Imusin to Lagos. We spent the new year there. My dad asked my brother last night to write a list of all the people in the house so he can organise how we will get back to lagos as we only had 3 cars with us. Including the 2 drivers, there were 21 of us in the 3 bedroom house in Ijebu. It was so much fun anyway.

I hope you all have had a great holiday. I pray this year that more doors leading to success and happiness will be open for you.

Loads of love.

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6 thoughts on “My not so fun day on Elegushi beach




  2. HA! you now understand what i was trying to say the in my blog that i enjoy spending time with my immediate family only! Trust 9jas never to keep to time which always annoy me! Weddings & birthdays never starts on the scheduled time! We are so used to Africa time that people usually don’t give the exact time; if it’s 1pm that an event would start, it would be said 12pm in the invitation card!…*grinning*….am glad you were wise about the money donation….someone would had profited from the whole thing!..*laughing*….1k for entrance fee?….that is exploitation!…..hope it’s not this touts that fixed that rate!….one only pay for the sheds & car park!….21 in a 3-bedroom flat?….WOW! IT WAS CERTAINLY FUN!…the jokes, bantering & cooking…..on your way to lag right now?……safe journey & greetings to the entire clan……now am off to read the others…

  3. WalkingEnigma on said:

    Glad to know your holiday in Naija was great- Beach, Ijebu, the full works.
    Guess you’re geared up for 2011.
    Happy New Year!!!

    • Happy happy new year o! Yes the holiday has been fun o. Loads of early mornings and travelling though. In Abuja now. I pray this year will hold no disappointments for u! Have a great one.

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