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homely gist

Hi Blogsville.

My trip to Nigeria is winding up. Its been 2 weeks so far and now I have a few more days left. I have mixed feelings about going back for various reasons. Most of all it was good being in our house at the same time with my two younger brothers and my mum and dad. Felt like old times again. The house in Lagos really felt like home and it was great playing with the only dog left. We have had about 6 or so and they all died one after the other from a virus the last dog we bought had. It was sad. We ended up having 2 dogs left, Cesar and little smith who isn’t so little any more (I don’t know why we prefixed his name with little). After not seeing them both for 2 years especially Cesar who is very playful and trained, I was looking forward to seeing them in June when I went for my cousin’s wedding but I was told Caesar died a few days before I landed. I wasn’t so pleased. Apparently smith beat Caesar and like I said Caesar is not the fighting type. Anyway may its soul rest in peace. After that happened I was not so keen on playing with smith. But when we got to lagos this time I could tell he missed me (us) so I paid him more attention than I would have normally. I have included a picture of Smith in this blog (if I haven’t I will when I get to England). I have forgiven him for killing my favorite dog.

In the past, the question I was asked a thousand times was why I changed from chemical engineering to tax accounting. I used to hate that question because I couldn’t give people the answer they wanted to hear. For those who read my memoirs they know it is because I prayed and God directed me. This time around, I have been asked two questions mainly. One as I predicted was when I will be getting married and the other question which I was asked too many times to ignore is when I am moving back home. Even people who do not know me asked me that question. My answer to the second question is this, I don’t know.

Each time people asked me that question, my parents had a grin on their face. Like a please help me ask her look. Do not get me wrong I want to move back home one day and I love my country. To be honest (no offense to anyone) but the only person that actually made sense and made me want to move back home ASAP was this man who is a lawyer by training but also a director of other big successful companies. He happened to be my mum’s classmate in high school so myself my mum and one of brothers went to visit him on boxing day. Slight problem with that day was I was too anxious to go for a wedding I was already late for that I couldn’t make the best use of that meeting. Anyway my point really is, majority of the other people asking me to move back are not quite doing anything with themselves. They are still job searching or hustling as they will say. So when they ask me to move back I can’t but ask myself what I am moving back for. This man on the other hand made a lot of sense. He made a business case for me to move back and also gave me information about the branch / subsidiary of the company I work for in Nigeria this even made me want to move back more. Left to me I am looking to serve in 2 years time after my training but we will see what happens.

After all the festivities we went back to Abuja. I am still trying to get used to the flat as it is my First time there. It is nice sha but my only problem is the estate we stay in is suppose to have a swimming pool and all but the pool looks stagnant and dirty. Not impressed at all, one can get infected just by looking at it. Anyway we went to visit my mum’s senior sister and they started sharing their memories of house helps they have had in the past. My mum had this help called Vero, as we know the full name is Veronica. She was so good that one day before my mum sang her praises she called her full name VERONICA. Apparently the lady was nearly in tears saying Ah mummy mi o ni ka! Lol that cracked me up. In yoruba ika means wicked. And what Vero heard was Vero ni ika, meaning Vero is wicked. My mum had to sit her down to explain that her full name is Veronica but she refused and said her name is Vero.
Now that I think about it we had a lot if helps. I remember when myself and my immediate junior brother used to bed wet.. Yes erm… (used to), the help, chidinma was her name. She was just so wicked. Lol she didn’t allow us drink water after 6PM and the annoying thing is this didn’t make a difference. So what we used to do was this, one of us stood on guard while the other stole water from the kitchen. Another cheeky thing we did, this is am not proud of is this. She had this particular chair she sat on. On that faithful day she made my brother cry so we planned and strategically placed office pins on her chair and waited patiently for her to sit on the chair. When she eventually did nothing can compare to the joy and laughter that was heard that day. Luckily she did not smack us or maybe she did and I just can’t remember.

Finally, apparently one of our house helps was a confirmed witch. When the person that introduced her to us came to pick her up after hearing of this, she asked the girl, tayo, what issues she had caused in my house. She replied saying she did not cause any trouble because neither my mum or my dad beat her. There is more to this story but I will share this in a specially dedicated blog to our past helps.

Getting ready to go back now. Braiding my hair.. Can’t wait to see the outcome.

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10 thoughts on “homely gist

  1. Hahhahaha @ Vero ni ika! Lovely post. I feel you on the going back home stuff. Let’s just ask God for guidance. Wherever He leads us, we will prosper…Glad you’re having fun in Naij…



    • Thanks Hun. That is exactly what i plan to do. Seek his guidance. Plus your blog helps me loads lol you were sent to me when it comes to God lol no kidding. Thanks for reading. X

  2. Come back home to do what?.

    when are you getting married?

    abegi! make dem leave mata..dem just dey ‘talk’

    Househelps?….I DREAD THEM!, but they are a necessary ‘risk’

    lol @ what you guys did to your maid!

    You are having fun from ALL your write-up….that is wonderful…take care.

    • I will come back but not yet. Thank you. Just out of interest, did they harrassyou before you got married? We did plenty more to the maids o… Lol to be shared later. Thanks.

  3. WalkingEnigma on said:

    Soak up all the fun & family time you can get now o! It’ll surely be a morale booster as u kickstart ur work-year.

    About returning to Naija, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, just rely on God to lead you. You have the advantage of international experience, so leverage on that when making your plans.

    And marriage- i dont rily understand why our people dont mind their business. Most of these people talking dont have enviable marriages yet they try to coerce every single people around them to ‘signup’. The truth is your time and your man wont pass you buy. Just maximise ur singlehood and relationship with God. Focus on becoming a better person (progressively)- that attracts.

    Have a fab year!

    • I have over soaked the family time in fact I feel if I dont go back soon I will be spoilt rotten. I will miss everyone sha.
      I am definitely relying on God to lead me. He knows his plans for me and i do not intend to interrupt them. Thank you, will definitely leverage on my international experience. I am already thinking about how it will all fit in here in naija and where to infiltrate.

      Mehn my brother (or sister correct me if I am wrong), search me o. My mum especially..any chance she gets in anyway.. But it’s all good. Thanks for reading

  4. Hello sister, i tagged you among THE STYLISH & VERSATILE BLOGGERS AWARDS…pls visit my blog to know whats expected of you…tnxxxx.

  5. Hey Angel, I have nominated u for THE STYLISH & VERSATILE BLOGGERS AWARDS…You know the drill

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