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Last few fragments of my holiday

*sigh* I am finally back in England. I am making use of all my willpower not to be depressed. Back at my flat, I am just so pleased no one broke in while I was gone. Only thing though is found my graduation framed picture broken in the sitting room.Not quite sure how that happened so I had to sweep the shards of glass away. I still can’t bring myself to sit on the floor even though it is my favourite spot as I am not confident I have swept every single shard or piece of glass.

While I was on the plane, I kept remembering bits and pieces of things that happened during my holiday and kept pinching myself to make sure I do not forget those moments so I can blog about them. Let’s see how I do. First picture I will like to show you is a picture of myself, my brothers and some of my cousins that spent christmas with us. I absolutely love them and I am grateful to them for being a part of my memorable holiday. You will notice there are mostly guys.

some of my lovely family

So now let’s get right into it. The plan is for this to be my last blog about my holiday. I know it is getting old but I just wanted to share so many things with you guys, some of which I don’t even know how to relay.

For example, I realised I missed out a vital aspect of my Arik experience when flying from Abuja to Lagos. Okay maybe not so vital but I was genuinely speechless when it happened. You know how you always have to travel with a photo ID when travelling by air locally? This lady was carrying a child who looked less than a year old and when she was asked for her ID and the child’s, she had none. The was then a long pause. At this point they had my full attention as I was now intrigued and was eager to see what the procedure would be. The ID inspector then asked what I considered to be a stupid question. “What is the child’s name?” The woman of course responded with a name and she let them both go. Now please people, tell me how that makes sense? For all we know, the name might have been made up and there is no way to prove it was the child cannot speak. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying she stole the child, but with that incident, it will be very easy for kids to go missing in that country.

On our way back to Abuja, we flew with aero contractors this time around. There was very minimal delay and the flight was surprisingly smooth. We had so many pieces of luggage that we I did not realise I had left one of my untagged hand luggage at the airport until 3 hours later.  We were on our way out when I started looking for a pair of sandals I really wanted to wear, only to find out that the bag I packed it in we I left at the airport. So I let my mum know, she so was not impressed. I hadn’t even told her that all the gold jewellery she recently gave me was packed in that same bag. We head back to the airport and straight to the aero contractor office. My brother then tells the man who attended to us that we forgot a piece of luggage. Imagine the smile that broke out on my face when he asked if it was a red bag! He then proceeds into this locked room and emerged with my bag saying it had no tag or name on it but he just thought to keep it just in case. I was so happy I tipped him generously. Everything in the bag was in tact. There is hope in our country after all.

A few days later, my brother was due to go to Kubwa for his NYSC Community Development (CD). I had just been to the dentist that day and wasn’t in the mood to do much so I was home watching Africa Magic as usual when my mum receives a phone call from my brother and shouted. I immediately knew it was an accident.  I just started silently hoping that he did not hit anyone and no one was dead. Bashed cars are fine as long as no life has been lost. so she gets off the phone and she explains that his car was hit and the people who hit him are trying to say it is his fault so she was going to meet them where they were, luckily, they were not too far from the house. I was just pleased no one was hurt. So I decided to follow her, i dropped the plate of fried plantain I was enjoying before hand, grabbed my phone and off we went. Although my mum was driving ever so careful, as we approached the place where my brother was, we were less than 200 meters away when my mum’s car got hit from behind. I felt the impact, she did so much more. I just shouted”what the heck is going on?!” I mean we were on our way to see my brother, driving ever so careful and still some young lad hits us from behind! I got out of the car with my mum to see the damage. luckily due to the ugly shape of the guy’s car, it did not break any of the lights, we only had a deep single line scratch on the bumper. He apologised, we got back into the car and joined my brother a few minutes later.

Immediately I saw the position of the 2 cars, it was very obvious they other party was at fault and I am not saying this because he is my brother. They were on a two lane road trying to join a one way road. The couple explained that they did not look at the other lane (which was where my brother was) because seeing as they were joining a one way traffic, they were not expecting any car to be there. What a flaw in their thinking! So because they are joining a one way road, no car should be on the second lane of the road they are on. Even the way they drove or she drove was wrong. I am no expert in driving but from the little I know, the lane they were on means that when they join the ‘one way’ traffic, the should do so on the far right of the road and not just enter the road and stay on the first lane as they intended to do and failed. My mum explained this to them, they apologised and we all went home. My mum was dressed to go for a wedding but with two accidents with 3 members of the family under 30 minutes, she decided to stay home. We all prayed after the incident and myself and my brother went to the gym later.

Seeing as I was in Abuja for a while. I decided to organise a little trip or outing with my cousins and friends I had not seen in a while who lived in Abuja. I suggested we see an early movie and then go to Wonderland, which is like a theme park in Abuja. Myself my brother, a friend from uni and my cousin ended up seeing Due date at the cinema. we were the only ones watching the movie which kind of made it more fun. The movie was hilarious, if you haven’t seen it you need to see it.  After the movie, another cousin joined us and we all headed to wonderland. A couple of pictures below:

trying hard not to fall... i succeeded

I have always wanted to go on this bull or whatever it is called. Apparently this particular one was slow, but trust me, it was still tricky to stay on it. My friend, if I must add, a guy, tried and fell flat on his face… hehe couldn’t stop laughing.

screaming.... even though we said we wouldn't



Now this ride on the other hand was fun. It is quite similar to the banana boat ride thing in thorpe park.  It definitely plays with your mind! I was laughing and screaming at the same time.

This is what i call crazy!




Now the story behind this ride!! I had heard so much about this ride that I thought, let’s go on it. I managed to convince my cousin and my friend. But my other cousin and brother won’t budge so they took the pictures. We go to the ride and the operator was not there, but get this, the door to the operating area was wide opened. I mean I entered and I could have attempted to operate the ride myself. Very unsafe! Anyway, after waiting for about 10 minutes, the operator finally surfaces and explains that he went to pray. So we gave him just a little bit of grief saying that we had been waiting for a while and that we could have operated it etc, just harmless teasing sha. So we are on the ride and before I know it, we are upside down!!! That I did not anticipate. It was as if the operator did it to shut us up. After all the screaming and laughing and everything it was time for the ride to stop and I couldn’t wait but guess what?! Mr Operator thought it would be a good idea to give us two consecutive rides without even asking us. While the crazy thing was spinning, he then said the dreaded words…. “I need to go and call the engineer, the thing no gree stop!” Those are not the words you want to hear in a theme park in Nigeria, but luckily he was kidding. We finally got off and he said the free ride was his new year present to us. After the ride, we sat our bums down for a good 10/15 minutes to stop us from reeling everywhere. We left shortly after. It was a fun day all in all.

Finally the day to return to England came. I sulked all day, claimed to be ill, etc. but still, I had to leave. I had to use all my strength to try not to cry, thankfully i succeeded. My parents went out on a limb to make sure we were comfortable this holiday. I love them so much and I pray that I will be able to help them reap from the seed they have sown in me.  My flight was smooth, thank God and the food on board was yummy… I still say KLM has the best food to and from Nigeria. I don’t mean best food generally, but compared to BA and Virgin Nigeria. On the plane, I saw the movie ‘the social network’. You know the one about Facebook. All I can say now is it was interesting. It got me thinking hard. I couldn’t decide whether to love or hate Zack, after all he did what he knew best. He was just a ruthless but at the same time vulnerable young man. He is a genius though, I mean the way he dissects words and people, especially during his hearing. I finally decided he isn’t pompous or proud, he just comes across that way. Who wouldn’t with that much knowledge. I must say I do not approve of him stealing the idea of those cute twins but at the same time, I don’t think they could have made Facebook what it is today. What I learnt from that movie really is to be hard-working. Even as a millionaire, he was still HARD WORKING.

When we landed at Heathrow, I called my friend Nuree to find out what terminal she was in as she was due to fly back to Nigeria that morning. It was then she told me she won the shell gourami challenge! Boy was I happy! She is the first Nigerian to win the challenge. To find out more about the challenge please google it. Thank God for his faithfulness and good news o. As we were gisting, na so this man come approach us! My darling friend was like hmm this man is coming here. Now get this, we were at the airport right, standing very close to the BA check in desks, guess what this man says? “Please does this plane go to NIGERIA?!?!?!?!!?!?! I looked at my friend, and then we replied yes, then he says thank you and gets on his phone and walks away. We continued chatting and then he comes back. This time he decides to call us sweerats. I think he meant sweet hearts. (People who know me well know that if I don’t know you from Adam, you have no business calling me pet names. It does nothing but irritate the life out of me! yes yes yes I am being dramatic but I am very serious!) At this point, he had already lost me. He then goes ahead to give us a story about how he promised his mum he would send her the lace in the bag he was holding and he was meant to meet his cousin at the airport at 8 30am (at this time, it was nearly 9 30am) and his cousin was not picking up his phone. Of course he is not picking up, you missed your appointment. He now asked my friend to help him with the lace. At this point, all I could remember was my dad’s favourite advice each time I am going to the airport..”Do not collect anything from any one, do not hold anything for them, do not carry anything for them, in fact don’t even touch their load”. As I was about to recite what has now become a poem to me, my friend says politely to the man that she is unable to as she has checked in her luggage.

So it was time for her to go through security and time for me to find my way home. She decides to see me off to the lift. The man then runs back to us and asks if I have just arrived and I said yes. He goes on to say that if my friend helps him he will give me a lift wherever I am going and give my friend £20! My friend explains that it is NOT about the money, she just can’t help him and I explain to him that my chauffeur is waiting downstairs *cough cough* he need not worry. He then asks me where I am going, I said Reading, at which point he says AH! lol meaning he can’t take me to Reading. He keeps asking and I finally said.. “Brother, please na..please …” he goes “I should leave you alone abi?”, I answer “Yes”. He then goes, you girls are not nice and leaves. What would you have done? I am not a huge fan or carrying things for people I do not know. If his cousin, his own blood, saw it fit to go through security without contacting him or picking up the parcel, what more my friend that does not know him from anywhere?

I am aware this blog is unusually long but I just wanted to blot everything out. Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Last few fragments of my holiday

  1. WOW! you sure had fun!

    I.D card ?… have a point.

    There is indeed hope for Nigeria….found your red bag intact….nice of you to tip generously.

    Glad the accidents were not serious….9ja drivers?…LORD HAVE MERCY!

    Didn’t know there is a park called wonderland in Abuja o!….

    ha! the man at Heatrow airport was up to something!..glad you didn’t fall for it!..lace ni, lace ko!

    Thank GOD for safe journey & nothing was stolen….WELCOME BACK!

  2. WalkingEnigma on said:

    U surely had fun. And d incident at d airport with dat man rily cracked me up! He tot u guys are mugus.

    I’m assuming ure the one with the ‘teethy’ smile in the pic, LoL!

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