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The meeting

*sigh* I guess its time for me to share this with you. Its not really ripe yet but as I am stuck in traffic, what better than to blog.

Confession #1: while I was in Nigeria I met a man.

Now there is a bit more to it than that. July 2010, my mum’s best friend (she was born a day before my mum, they have been friends pretty much since then) came to the UK for my brother’s graduation. Around that period, my mum and her friends as you all know started harassing me about not having a boy friend. One summer evening, I get this facebook notification that my mum’s best friend (Aunty 1) had suggested a guy for me to add on facebook. The rebellious side of me just ignored it thinking to myself, but why? Am I that desperate etc? The next evening, a different friend of my mum leaves a voicemail on my phone saying she has found a boyfriend for me (yes I know…). I just listened to it and laughed and I didn’t call her back. She eventually called me and told me about this guy and once again I wasn’t interested. I just said okay, laughed and ended the conversation.

The week after, Aunty 1 then sends me a facebook message saying she would like me to meet her cousins the coming saturday, I already had an idea it had to do with the facebook suggestion she sent me so I said I was busy. To be honest, I was busy on that day. I had a baby shower to attend etc. She then replies saying they would be disappointed etc and maybe next time she is around. I said okay. One of the reasons I was a bit reluctant to go was because I did the math in my head and automatically thought if he is Aunty’s cousin then he old. Like I said in one of my other blogs, once someone is over 5/6/7 yrs older than me I start thinking on the terms of uncle!

Fast forward to 3/4 weeks ago.

Before I left for Nigeria, my mum kept on saying she wanted me to go to her village with her, Ado Ekiti. I didn’t protest because I haven’t been back there since I was 9. She explained it was Aunty 1’s uncle’s 80th birthday and we had to go for the private party which was a day before d actual birthday party as we were having a function ourselves in Ijebu so we can’t stay for the birthday.

The day arrived for us to go to Ekiti, we drove for 7 hours and eventually reached there safely at around 2pm ish. As we entered the compound, we saw Aunty 1 wearing a T-shirt saying daddy is 80 (the family members were wearing a T-shirt with the same design). We greeted and hugged each other and she then introduces me to her cousin, 3 ladies at that point in time.

I sat down, drank, and then ate some pounded yam and efo. As I finished eating, I began to notice this particular gentle man. He was wearing the T-shirt too so I assumed he was either one of the children or nephew of the celebrant. The problem now was he didn’t look my way at all, so I couldn’t smile or say hello. I eventually gave up and brought out my nintendo ds to play games.

I got bored eventually and decided to find somewhere to buy credit so I could call some of my friends. As I was walking out of the compound, a man in the T-shirt approached and asked if I was my mum’s daughter and I said yes. Asked about my job etc and then introduces me to his friend who had a daughter about to do her A-levels in the UK and he wanted a female role model for her. I was so honored to be asked and said I had no problem with that. So I eventually left to buy my credit for my phone.

A few hours later, I went into the room we were to sleep in later that evening while the party was still going on and Aunty 1 was in there. So I told her about my meeting with the man earlier on. I then ask her if he was the person she suggested I add on facebook. She said no that how can she suggest I add a married me (LOL) and that I am using ‘oje’ for her, that was it not DT she suggested to me and he has added me already on facebook (I didn’t realise this, the truth is after the conversation with the man I assumed the reason she suggested us was because of the mentoring thing). I was thinking who is DT? She went on to say he is one of the people working the bbq outside. It was then I realized that the gentleman I noticed earlier was DT. I thought to myself hMmmmmmm.

To be continued šŸ™‚

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9 thoughts on “The meeting

  1. kai! see as i don draw near my laptop to read this ‘love story’ nah you just stop FIAM!..m-e-h-n, you berra update quickly ooo…*tapping my fingers impatiently*. .laughing. .aunties!..always the match-makers!….they meant well.

  2. WalkingEnigma on said:

    We’re waiting…Hurry up and finish dis girl!

  3. I hope the part 2 is coming quickly? I love love stories, lol..

  4. Love is in the air…lol. Nice read – As per the guy, just go with the flow, u never know

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