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The conversation

So I started asking myself why I did not add him and why I did not go and meet my aunt the faithful day she invited me. I finally thought, oh well! So I left the room and went back to join the party. I got introduced to his other siblings, I think he has 5/4 sisters and a brother, not sure but I did not get introduced to him as he was everywhere! Anyway, I started bbm-ing my friends, tweeting, facebooking etc everything just to while away time. My mum then asked if I wanted to see her off to visit a different uncle and so off we went.

We got back to the party like an hour and a bit later and by this time everything had wound down. As we were walking to our room, my mum asked if I wanted to watch tv and I said sure, why not. She took me to the living room where they were watching 24 and left for our room. I sat down and watched. Some of his siblings and in laws were watching as well.

Confession #2: we got talking

I intently watched the 24, even though they were watching the last season and I had only seen the first. To be fair I wanted to see the other seasons too and I like 24. Anyway, he walks into the room twice, he didn’t look my way at all and then he was out again. At this point I was wondering if I was invincible. I mean, come on! He didn’t have to say anything just look and smile or don’t look at all, for all I know sef, he might not have noticed me.

The third time he walked in, I thought to myself now this is just getting silly. I then noticed he was walking towards the seat beside me and he goes.. “Are you sister (my mum)’s daughter” and I answer yes. (By this time I had established he was the last child of his parents after meeting his other older siblings). He then sits down and keeps watching the TV. So I ask him, “are you DT”, he said yes. Next thing I know we were talking! About his job, mine, funny things that had happened to us, tv shows we watch etc, just general banter. Then my mum comes into the sitting room to ask me for ibruprofen she knows is in my bag. I tell her its in there but she couldn’t find it so I had to excuse myself and get it for her. I honestly thought she was going to say something or ask me something but she didn’t.

I went back to where he was seated and we got talking again, then his sister comes into the room to let him know someone was waiting for him outside and he goes tell the person to go. She leaves to tell the person and was back within 5 minutes to say the person wouldn’t leave because DT gave him instructions not to leave without seeing him. So he had to excuse himself to go and meet the person.

It was then I realized it was nearly midnight and I really should leave for my room. So I did! He spots me going to the room we were spending the night in and asked if I was going to bed. I said yes and he says good night.

Next morning, we left nice and early for ijebu, I barely saw him. I remember on the 5 hours drive to Ijebu asking myself, why did I leave! I should have waited, etc because I genuinely enjoyed the conversation we were having.

He started popping in and out of my mind and so I decided to send him a message on facebook on the day he was travelling back to london, at least then I had a valid reason, I had to wish him safe journey. I just said it was nice to meet him, would be good to keep in touch and he should have a safe flight. He replied to say he was at the airport and gave me his number and asked for mine.

To be continued πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “The conversation

  1. minini on said:

    Ohhh… U and this ur half half gist! I’m itching for the rest please!!!

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…..a romance novel in the making…pls continue nah..*sigh with excitement*

  3. Koinonia01 on said:

    Can’t wait to read the rest of the story πŸ˜€

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