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The meet-up and my results

As this is going to be the last blog about me and DT, it is going to be a short one and so I have decided to mix it up with a bit of good news too. If things keep going well with myself and DT, you just might hear some more about him in the future, otherwise, you will hear about the next guy when he arrives. Enjoy. xx


Now, the day I got back to London, I kept on wondering if he would remember that I got in on that day, because we hadn’t exchanged facebook messages for a few days before I left. Anyway, as I was half unpacking and making a mental list of things I need to get from the supermarket to stock my fridge with, a text comes in from DT. *I did back flips in my head*, the text just pretty much said welcome back to the cold and hope you had a smooth flight. I was impressed he remembered the day I landed, so that scored him points. We spoke that evening and it was a good conversation, but I dont know if other girls feel this way, or even guys but the first conversation was more of a testing boundaries one, just to see if we got along and what we had in common. Not necessarily saying,’ I do this, do you?’ More like see where the conversation takes itself to.

The next day (Wednesday), no contact at all, I didn’t text him or call and vice versa. That wasn’t easy, I will tell you guys because I don’t like lying. I am a very black or white person. In the sense that, if I like you, I will always want to contact you or talk to you. Which of course in the past has bagged me loads of guy friends and not a boyfriend, because as my friends say, I get too comfortable with them etc. Anyway, that’s how the day ended, I did my thing and eventually went to bed.  Thursday came by so quickly, as it was my first day back at work. Got into the office, the usual pleasantries, how was your holiday, you look good and relaxed, your hair is nice etc. One of my colleagues saw me in the canteen at lunch time and did a double take, then she gave me a big hug (which is a bit unusual for the office I must add) and said I should never go away for that long again.

Confession #2: I am an over analyser

When I got back to my desk after lunch, I looked at my phone to find a text from DT asking how my first day back at work was. Another brownie point, he remembered my first day back at work enough to be bothered to send me a text to see how the day was going. So we exchanged a few text messages at work and he said we will catch up later as he had to carry on with work. Of course I was smiling for the rest of the day. Friday came round, I was due to go to Birmingham to be back on Saturday and Fridays are his busiest day at work so other than a couple of text messages we didn’t talk much as I was at a get together and he wanted to sleep. I can silently hear you guys, especially blackberry owners wondering why we are texting and not bbm-ing. He doesn’t have a blackberry, he uses an iphone and yes I know I can download whatsapp (which I have downloaded) but I am kind of enjoying the whole text and calls thing going on here.

On my way back to London, I send him a text to find out how he was and he replies saying he slept for most of the day and was now in the gym. He asked if I enjoyed my gathering in Birmingham and when I will be back in London. I replied saying I just got into London and I had fun *obviously those were not my exact words lol* Then he says he is going to pick up some food when he is done in the gym and asked if I fancied coming along. At this point alarms were ringing in my head, do I go, do I not go? It is very last minute… etc. I wanted to spend sometime with him to see if we will get along in person and to get to know more about him but at the same time, I didn’t see this coming at all and it was getting late. So I confided in my good friends, and they pretty much screamed GO!!!!! I was on my way to my friend’s house when his text came in and she lives a walking distance from my uncle’s house (which is where I spend most of my weekends). My darling friend S.O was all smiles when she saw me. She grabbed my bags and we went up to her room. Her aim was to get me ready lol.

So I replied to say it depends on the time, he text back telling me what time he will be ready and I should let him know if it was too late. I said the time was perfect. about 10 minutes before he was to pick me up, he text to say he is sorry he might be 10 minutes  late and I replied to say it was fine. He picks me up about 5 minutes past the original time and said he underestimated the distance to his house and so the conversation started from the moment I was in the car till he dropped me back home. I must say I enjoyed looking at him while he concentrated on driving. He is a very intelligent gentleman, he doesn’t take himself too seriously and he makes me laugh (another brownie point). I sent him a text to say thanks for the evening etc and like a gentleman he said it was his pleasure etc.

Sunday, he sends me a text to say he slept for most of the day again, lol yes I know he likes to sleep.. but he is also a hard-worker. Let’s just say we have been ‘conversing’. I will keep you guys in the loop on bits and pieces but thanks for reading :).


My results! Okay let me cut to the chase, I PASSSEDDDDDDD!!!!! AND IT WAS A FREAKING MIRACLE!

I sat my CTA individuals taxation exam on the 3rd of November. I had studied long and hard and understood the basics, but CTA is known to be nasty for the kind of exams they set. I mean, you can answer a question and everything you have written is correct, but if that is not what they are looking for or it is not on their marking scheme then well.. you don’t get good marks.

This exam in particular, the pass mark is 50%. I did not answer a question worth 20 marks because I did not have enough time. I mean, when I told my colleagues, even them had to look away or try to say something else because they know chances of passing after not answer a 20 marker is very slim. I started getting worried. I mean I do not want to fail, a lot rests on my passing my exams, including my job! So I go to the usual suspect, baba God and I explained my situation to him (like he didn’t know this before).

Shortly after I went to Nigeria, enjoyed my holiday then a day before I came back to England, my mum goes, when do you get your results. I was just like oooooooohhhhh stop asking me mum, please (in a polite way of course). She was like don’t worry you will be fine. I told her to be prepared if it goes wrong because this one in particular was different. I didn’t tell anyone I was getting my results until the day arrived. The more I thought about it, the more worried I became, because to pass would mean I would have to get 50 marks out of the 80 marks questions I answered which is er.. not common, especially as I failed all my mocks before the exam (I know!!!). The night before, I got so overwhelmed with fear that I fell face flat on the floor and cried to God. Its times like that I am happy I live alone (that might change soon though). I cried to God and reminded him that he was the one that brought me down this road and this road involved exams. I also reminded him that I studied but unfortunately I couldn’t do that 20 marks question and I know he is God and he can do all things.

In our usual during the day text messages I told DT I was expecting my results that night and he said congratulations in advance and he hopes he hasn’t added more pressure on me. I told my friends too, I needed all the support I could get. My friends counted down to 9pm with me which was when the results would be posted online. All I had to do was go to the website and look for my name and if my name wasn’t there, then I did not pass. So 9pm arrive, the link to the pass list magically appeared even though I had been refreshing that same internet page 15 minutes before and nothing happened. I clicked on the CTA individuals pass list and I started looking through the names. I wasn’t even looking for my name! It is so funny because there are some people in my class I expected to pass. When I didn’t see their names, I started to panic again. Then my eyes just saw my surname! I SCREAMED!!!! Then the screaming turned to tears, I just couldn’t believe it. I passed CTA individuals! I sang put praises to God in the middle of my tears and I thanked him from the bottom of my heart. The country wide pass rate of all those who sat the exam was 45%, the pass rate in my class was 43%. Out of 21 of us who sat the exam only 9 passed. If you had told me I would be one of the 9 I will not believe. As far as I am concerned, because I told my friends I was relying on God, they know I am a Christian, most of them are not, I think it is a way of God proving to them that he exists. All but 1 of my good friends in business school did not pass. One kept on asking me if I was sure I did not do the 20 marks question at all and I said I am 100% sure. I did not have time to process the question let alone answer it. He then told me to let me know what my mark was when I get home. I got home and people, guess what i got? 50% on the dot! No more, no less! God is good. Although it is the lowest mark I have attained so far in my exam, that was what I prayed for under the circumstances. Don’t under estimate God o. Now one of my colleagues says I am genius (but no o, na baba God). Another one says if I got more than 50% then she would have thought I was a witch. To be honest if I got more than 50%, they would not have believed I didn’t complete the exam.

To end this blog, I will leave you with the email my mum sent me after I told her about my results:

Baby girl, you have always been a big asset to me and your dad including your brothers, I am very proud of you and pray that the God that has been sustaining you will not leave you and you will not leave Him too. You will not have any cause to run away from the love of God. This year is your year of jubilation and you will make the right choice of partner in Jesus name, you will be blessed with your choice and all good things in Jesus name. I love you baby and your children will be a source of joy to you too. Stay blessed and rejoice in the Lord. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it when my mum calls me baby girl :). Notice how she prayed for a partner as well, I just had to highlight that bit so you know I am not lying when I gist you guys. Thank you so much for reading and I pray that God will bless you guys more than he has blessed me so far. Once again don’t forget to pray, he answers prayers. Plus there are other prayers he has answered in my life recently that I cannot share yet but I will soon enough.


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12 thoughts on “The meet-up and my results

  1. Congratulations on passing your exam.
    My friend has written it and she told me its a ‘killer’ – so WELL DONE.

    Mmmmm….Regarding DT, best of luck – Enjoy every minute and Stay WISE!

  2. WalkingEnigma on said:

    Congratulations o!
    So when are we ‘washing’ it or you still have other stages to write?

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…*((((a big hug))))….congratulation dear!….am so thrilled & happy for you!…wow! i could imagine the tension….m-e-h-n! you are definitely a genius!

    Yeah! ain’t mum wonderful?…*grinning*

    So you are over analyzer hum?

    Ha! my hero in the romance novel is getting warmed up hum?…*an ear splitting grin*

    • We thank God o nitty. Thanks for all your good luck wishes. They really helped and encouraged me. I am an over analyser o! Before you say come I have planned my return journey! Lol.

      Hmm lol u might be hearing more soon.. Who knows? 😉

  4. Sheila on said:

    Congratulationsss!!! gosh i hate tax so yea congrats to u o…my mum prays for a partner everyday…that’s like number 2 prayer point on her list for me …right after being blessed and highly favoured lol…

    hmm this DT is scoring some good points in my books sha…so far…

    congrats again 🙂

    • thank you!! what i hate about tax is the exam, otherwise it is lovely… obviously i also dont like the fact i have to pay it but i love calculating it .. lol i promise i am not a geek.

  5. Congrats AngelBeauty!

  6. Wow, congratulations dear, those exams I know are not easy at all! And DT is coming across as a great guy. Enjoy it and don’t overanalyse…:)

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