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‘burgh so far

So, last week Friday was crazy. My Thursday deadline eventually became a Friday deadline and then a Monday deadline. Ofcourse at the point in time when I was in the office till 10pm trying to reconcile my tax calculations with the statutory accounts the auditors had finally provided, I didn’t realise the deadline had changed. All the same, I had to do as much as I could as I was off to Editing on Sunday and I was the only trainee that worked on the client. To be fair in hindsight, I am happy I worked on that client, so much experience and the senior manager and manager appreciated my efforts.

Friday night, I got a cab home (which reminds me I need to claim that cab fare) as I was shattered. Too tired to cook so I ordered some chinese take away. While I was waiting for my food to come, I called DT and then I realized the chinese guys might try to give me a call on my cell phone so DT called me back on my land line. As we were talking, the bell to my flat buzzed, which meant I had to run down the stairs for my chinese, but the conversation was at a point where it would have been rude to say ‘hold on’ or even I didn’t want to go sef. Plus my land line phone is not cordless. The bell buzzer went again, luckily the conversation was where I could say ‘hold on’ so I did. Ran down the stairs and opened to door to meet my lovely chinese delivery man. Now hear what this man says to me: ‘I was getting a bit worried because usually when I ring the bell once I hear you running down the stairs’. That cracked me up! It made me realise how often I order chinese that dude knows the pattern of my answering the door.

Anyway, grabbed my food, raced up the stairs, continued my condo, it eventually ended, I had my dinner and then a message comes in from my colleague asking me where I was and they were out celebrating his exam results and his new car. So I promised to show face. I got dressed at the speed of lightening as it was already midnight at this point. Called a cab and headed out. As I was in front of the club, waiting to get in, I was told by the door man there were not letting more guests in. Great! Time to go back to my bed. To be fair it was. 15 minutes walk from my flat but I wasn’t risking walking home at that time so I jumped into a black cab. The cab driver gave me a ear full about how my house is not far and why I was entering a taxi. I just ignored him and sat down. When he was tired he started driving towards my flat. I got home gutted that I had wasted money on cabs and eventually I fell asleep on my couch. Not the most comfortable places I must say.

Saturday morning, woke up nice and early at 7am! I was actually mad at myself for waking up that early. But why?! To be fair I had a flat viewing at 10:30am and I hadn’t packed my luggage for Editing the next day. But still, I could have done with an extra hour worth of sleep. I bummed around with my laptop, read blogs and eventually got up at like 9am. Tidied up my flat a bit and then headed out with a mission to go shopping!

To give you a bit of background, while I was in university, getting pocket money and working part time, I used to go shopping at least twice a month. You know, like a new pair of pumps, or a dress, or lovely shoes, or bag, something new sha. It has not been the case since I started working though. To be fair, I pay my bills, rent, holidays etc and I am forced to be responsible so shopping doesn’t seem to be a priority any more. Before I shop, I have to be willing to soak garri for a few days till payday. On that faithful saturday I just did not care. I was tired of a boring wardrobe and so I decided to raid my favorite high street shops (especially as they were on sale) miss selfridge, warehouse, lasenza and zara.

So I got to the mall with 30 minutes to spare before my first viewing. Managed to raid lasenza in this time and then I went to meet my flat mate to be so we can go and view a potential apartment. That reminds me, I haven’t told you guys I am thinking of moving for sure. This time with one of my colleagues, she is an auditor and I am a tax lady, so we are not in the same department, we won’t get tired of seeing each other too much. We get on well which helps and we’ve been out together a few times.

In between viewing flats, we managed to shop! It was a thrilling experience. *sigh* I wish I wasn’t a sensible girl, I would have shopped my bank account dry. I felt so good trying on those new clothes and everything else and smiling at myself in the mirror as they fitted perfectly and the price was right (sale!). Anyway, we saw 2 apartments we really liked that fitted our budget. One was a pent house, like on the 5/6th floor I can’t remember. It was a marvelous size. 2 en-suite double bedrooms and a powder room. It was well laid out. Perfect location, 5 minutes walk from the station, car parking etc. I fell in love with it right away, only issue was there was no lift in the building! I mean how will I get all my luggage and tv (especially) up the stairs! I don’t mind the daily compulsory exercise but my mum and my nan will flog me when they come visit and realise they have to walk all the way up. Based on that we decided against it.

The second apartment is in a well sought after building. Apparently when a flat goes on the market in that building, it is snatched within a week. I couldn’t believe the price it was going for! It had 2 double bedrooms as well, but one en-suite and one had a separate bathroom and toilet. There was just something ‘new’ about the flat, the building has a concierge so it had that safe feeling as well. Not to forget, there is a pilates studio by the flat which meant I could tone my body. This flat was the done deal. We expressed our interest to the estate agent and he told us he would get back to us. We have called them like 3 times a day since saturday and they kept telling us they can’t get through to the landlord. This morning, my flat mate calls them and she was told the flat was gone. I was fuming when I head this! I called them myself and the guy explained that they heard from the landlord this morning and one of his colleagues collected a deposit from another interested tenant, as such the property is gone. I wanted to slap somebody! I pointed out to him that my flat mate offered to pay the deposit yesterday and she was told they could not collect a deposit till they heard from the landlord and they will get back to us. I also expressed my disappointment in the way it was handled and how it shows there is something wrong with their system if he could not put a note on there saying we had expressed an interest since saturday and were willing to put down a deposit. He apologized but at this point I wasn’t listening.

So the property search continues. Anyway, back to the chronological order of my gist. Rewind to saturday night. After feeling thrilled with ourselves about finding the property, I called my mum and dad to let them know my plans, they approved (yes I know I am my parents baby). I went on home to pack my suitcase for Edinburgh. Sunday after church I jumped on the train to Gatwick because my uncle was in Nigeria, so he couldn’t drive me to the airport as he always does. The issue this time was I was very tired, so I slept off as soon as I sat on the train. I woke up at Gatwick station to realise the train had stopped for a while and if I had woken up a second later that train would have taken me somewhere else and I would have missed my flight.

Landed in Edinburgh, got to our apartment, it was nice but at the risk of sounding like a brat, it was a lot smaller than the apartments they usually put us up in, plus for the first time ever we had to share bathrooms. Oh well, I didn’t mind, but I would have thought that seeing as the class has been cut down from 21 to 9 they would have more money to spend on us. Anyway, I caught up with my flat mate who works in the Leeds office (and I in the Reading office), we congratulated each other on making it this far. I had a phone call so we had to cut our conversation short.

First day in class (Monday) was very weird. I mean it used to be so boisterous, but it was just quiet. I felt weird, kind of like someone was watching my every move. I miss my friends :'(. Its not the same without them, especially as I now have to lunch alone. It just feels outright weird. The first night, my flat mate made us dinner, white rice with roasted onions, aubergines and courgettes. We had soy as a sauce for the rice. I didn’t think it would work, but it was delicious, I will definitely be making it again myself.

More to follow about Edinburgh, the internet in our flat is very temperamental so I haven’t been able to read people’s blogs, but I intend to as soon as it is sorted. Till then, I am off to make dinner and then study!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a better week than I am having.

Muchos love.


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18 thoughts on “‘burgh so far

  1. that realtor needs to be punched and throw over the fence. so are you on a course?

    • You know! Lol thanks jare.

      Yes I am, I am on a 7 days course for me owner managed businesses exam in May and one day for my Ethics exam. What do you do?

      • student, boring me hey? so this owner managed business course is it for your job or for a personal thing?

      • Mehn.. Student life is so tempting right now o!

        Personal ke? Lol at all o, left to me I just want to shop! I hate exams, but I love learning. It is for my job o. All the exams I am writing are for my job, its part of my contract.

  2. oh you are contracted? that’s nice. so how about the apartment? are going to go back on the fifth/sixth floor with no elevator? more like the UK version of 1004

    • Yea I am on a training contract for now. After all my exams I move to full time permanent staff lol I know full time and permanent in the same sentence.

      Anyway, yes o. Flat mate enquired about the other flat, they will get back to us tomorrow. This time its a more reliable agent. Will probably have to summon all my guy friends and bribe them with food to help me move in lol. Will not be an easy task.

      • ahh…..there’s nothing like bribing male friends who don’t the difference between a pot and a pan with some food. lol
        about the agent, this one better do right than that fuckstick. lol (sorry for my potty mouth)

      • Lol, thanks. I will keep you posted sha. I hope so too.

  3. *smiley face*

  4. WalkingEnigma on said:

    U know what i’ve learnt a bit & still discovering? When we commit our affairs unto God’s hands, we wont have to struggle, cos He doesnt struggle. U’ll be surprised to get a place that fits into ur requirements & budget & will be kept open till ure ready…Its possible, dont rush!

    • Thank you @walkingenigma! I agree with you. That’s one thing I hadn’t done, pray. I eventually prayed when my plans fell through. Lol thanks again πŸ™‚

      • WalkingEnigma on said:

        Cool, i tend to take it for granted myself. This one that is one exam after another, i dont envy you o! I have an exam lined up too & i’m self studying. Its been a while since I did & i’ve got some pretty much inertia.

      • @walkingenigma, what exam is this? All the best o. Self study aint great at all. I have to self study for the one I have upper week with just one day tuition :s.

        Me sef I tire for the exams jare.. But nearly there. The good thing though is cos I am doing 2 qualifications, by God’s grace when I pass the one on d 14th and the one on the 4th, then I will be tax qualified, lol it will then remaining the 4 for accounting. God is my strength. It is well. All the best in yours! Xx

  5. E-y-a-a-aa……e pele….such things do happen….being an estate surveyor myself, i understood what happened….it was due to mis-communication…..goodluck in your search.

    Am confused here…what school you dey go again?….yep! you passed your exam that i know….so why go to Edinburgh & just 9 in a class?…hmmm…did i miss some posts…let me check……………………………………………………………yep! i had not read one!..hehehehe.. let me go & read it now…

  6. ookk! i now understood after reading the conversation btw you & skank…many atimes, i post my comments before reading previous….goodluck πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ thank you!! We will see how it goes. Flat mate found another apartment in the same building she is going to view tomorrow. If its the same as the first one we will take it, other wise, we will take the pent house. X

  7. Beautiful on said:

    I don’t like having lunch alone too….i’lld rather not eat or munch a snack in class but won’t go out to have lunch alone…lol…weird me. come and pay me to help u move in, 50quid per minute! πŸ™‚ do well in d class o and let d oda 8 people know wt dey’re in for! hmmmm 5/6th floor with no elevator, i DO NOT envy u rite now! i stay on d 4th floor and once wen d elevator was bad and i had to walk up with only ONE shopping bag o, i know i swore for everyone responsible that day! have fun n b good in Edinburgh.

    • @beautiful I know right. Before like 6/7 of us will go to the pub lunch time to eat kinda thing or to boots to buy lunch, but now I am a single girl lol except occasionally with my flat mate.

      As for the 50 pounds per minute, it is coming you hear? Lol wait for me. I am really praying and hoping the flat she sees today will be good and the same as the one we lost seeing as its the same building, but we’ll see how it goes. I am thinking without lift, if we go for the other, I will be toned by force :p. But it won’t be easy. X

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