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Stint over

So this stint at business school is over. I am seated in Wetherspoons, grabbing some dinner while I wait 2 hours to board the plane back to London. I have beat myself so many times today for not paying attention while booking my flights. I usually come to Edinburgh from Gatwick (because its closer to my uncle’s house and I am there during the weekend) but land in Heathrow (because its closer to my flat). This time, I booked a return to Gatwick which isn’t really ideal. It means I’ll have to spend the night at my uncle’s and leave early in the morning for work. Oh well, all I know is for this particular disappointment, there was a blessing in disguise.

When I was thinking about what next to blog about, my initial thoughts was sharing my TBS (tax business school) experience with you all. There were so many points during my lectures when I drifted off and day dreamed about so many things. Including when I will be done with my exams. I managed to remind myself during my day dream that if I continued to day dream, I might not finish the exams as soon as I want to. Seeing as I couldn’t day dream any more, to keep my morale and concentration high in class, I decided to be cheeky.

*I promise bloggers, I am a very good girl*.

We had a new lecturer today as we were being taught something new. So he passed a sheet round for us to write down our names according to where we sat so he knew who we were. First of all I was tired because I went to bed late last night (2am! Don’t ask why). So the sheet came to me and instead of writing ‘Dami’ as I would on a normal day, I wrote ‘Oluwadamilola’. To an average john doe nigerian, that is not a biggie. But seeing as this man was English and wasn’t used to Nigerian names, I thought it would make it harder for him to pick on me in class. Alas, he wasn’t put aback with this. Instead he preceded to call me ‘oluwa’ when he wanted to ask me a question. I still found it funny, but I wasn’t too pleased he was calling me ‘God’ as that’s what ‘oluwa’ translates to. I kept quite anyway.

After lunch, he was going to ask me a question, and he had lost the paper, so he couldn’t figure out what my name was. As he was looking for the paper, everyone in class knew he was trying to call my name, so they helped him and said ‘Dami!’. He then goes, ‘what did you just call her?’. They said my name again, at this point I was laughing too hard to say anything. So my good friend sitting beside me explained to him that I wrote down my full name. He laughed and said he’s sure it must have annoyed me when he called me the wrong part of my name. Long story short, it was funny and I got away with it because he has a good sense of humour.

Anyway, class was a lot better today. 4 of the people who failed joined us for our last class, so I was reunited with 2 of my good friends. I had such a good time with them laughing and gave them a big hug when it was time to go. There are friends and there are FRIENDS. Those two will always be in my heart even though the chances we will have classes again together are slim. I guess it gives me an inspiration to visit them up North.

Oh, on a final note, they have amended our training contract at work! Because so many people failed the last exam, they have changed it from 2 attempts (if u fail one exam 2ce, you are fired!!) to 3 attempts! But it doesn’t include the exam I have on Monday and my August exams. Lol so basically just my May exam. Not like I plan to fail, but its still good news.

I am now on the plane heading to London town.. I wish myself journey mercies and God’s grace! Catch you all later! Xxx

PS: 6 days to valentines day and my exam! No one has asked me for my address yet *raised eyebrow*

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2 thoughts on “Stint over

  1. Welcome back!

    Goodluck in your exams!….i know you would come tops :))

    Happy valentine day!

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