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The dust of ‘V’ day..

Hi you all! I was meant to have written a valentine note but I was too busy studying as I had an exam on the ‘D day’ but hey… your girl passed, so I guess that makes up for it! 5 more exams to go baby! From 14, down to 5. Once again all thanks to God.

So valentine’s day, what did you all do? As you know, my hot sexy self is very single. Okay maybe not exactly ‘very’ single. We are or shall I say I am still working out some logistics or ‘looking to the lord’ :p. After my exam in the afternoon and spreading the good news, I took myself shopping. My mum called while I was doing this to congratulate me and ask who was taking me for dinner! She must have felt sorry for me because she then decided to send me some money towards some dresses which I was grateful for as she was not here to take me out, so hey, I didn’t ‘roast’ ;). As I was enjoying my shopping, my cousin then decides at about 4pm that he wanted to val one of my friends. I have no problem with this, but he is in the US and he needed me to pick up something small from the stores and take it to her place. I didn’t mind either seeing as I was shopping so I could easily pick something up and she doesn’t live too far from my aunt and uncle’s house. Obviously, by this time, all the flowers that were looking tall and beautiful in the morning were looking wilted. Anyway, I managed to salvage red roses and a box of chocolate from M&S, I felt like an inexperienced cupid, couldn’t stop grinning. She had no idea this was going to be happening. My friend and cousins are still in the we are ‘just talking’ stage at the moment so she didn’t see it coming.

Anyway, I eventually headed towards her house, I knew she was at choir practice which made it more exciting! I was silently hoping her uncle or aunt will be home so I can drop the gifts, otherwise I would have left it in front of the door with a note. Her uncle was home, and the first thing he asked me was who they were from. I went to say I did not know and I was just the messenger. Apparently my friend had told him about my cousin so I guess he put two and two together. Just as I was about to sneak out, he then asked me if I got val-ed. I said no. He asked me about my boyfriend, I said I had none. He was visibly shocked. I still don’t understand why people don’t believe me when I say I am single! It is annoying.

He then shuts all the doors and asked me to sit down *beginning of a long conversation*. He then went on to ask me how old I was. I told him I was 23. He said “how can you not have a boyfriend at 23? It means we should start praying”. I burst out laughing and said, ‘please pray’! I assured him I didn’t have a problem. After all, he knew about my ex, mehn that my friend has a big mouth, he sha knows all about my business thanks to her. Anyway, he wasn’t taking no for an answer, and I had somewhere to be. I eventually realised that I wasn’t going anywhere without telling him the truth. He assured me that anything I said remained within the four walls of his house, and it is good to share things like this with people who have your best interest at heart and so on and so forth.

*watching the Arsenal – Barcelona match and just when I was about to give up thinking my darling Arsenal was going to lose, they scored 2 goals. This is a good day!*

After I shared, the next thing was a talk about why I am doing CTA and CA and not ACCA and why I am limiting my choices and I should start thinking about doing ACCA as well. The day before, my uncle was just telling me to look into Havard Business School to start in 2 years. I am thinking to myself.. er.. NAH! I need a break mehn, this people don’t understand I have been studying pretty much since I can remember. I want to do an MBA, but not till I know what I want to use it for. As for ACCA, no homie… lol if I move to a different country and my qualifications become irrelevant, na to become housewife be that, or change careers again.. but I am sure BABA J will sort me out or guide me as necessary.

So I finally went home and my aunt was in a very loving mood. She decided to make us a big dinner to celebrate valentine’s day. When I heard this, I decided I was not going back to Reading and I would go to work from their house in the morning *meaning waking up at 5am to get to work on time, but hey, I love food!* I knew it was serious when she asked me to set the table. We never eat on the dinning table, except for like occasions. WE mostly eat in the sitting room or the breakfast table in the kitchen. Dinner of roasted lamb and potatoes, ribs, yorkshire pudding and mixed veg was served with some wine. Boy did my insides rejoice?  Yes they did, they saluted me. We had crumble for dessert, which was also yummy… *sigh*.

That was pretty much how my valentine’s day went. I was actually happy all day. Why? I am not so sure, but God is doing something in my life. I can feel it in my bones. You guys will definitely know when I find out what it is. I have just been happy these days, a different kind of happiness.

Meanwhile, I move into my new flat in 2 weeks! I need to start packing and find some able men to help me move. I have told DT already I am moving, but I am too shy to ask for help, something about me being an independent woman :p.. to ask or not to ask? hmmm…..

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6 thoughts on “The dust of ‘V’ day..

  1. HA! congratulations!..i knew you would make it as usual!

    Congratulations on your new flat..2 weeks?.

    Val day?…over rated to me!

    take care huh?

  2. HA! congratulations!..i knew you would make it as usual!

    Congratulations on your new flat..2 weeks?.

    Val day?…over rated to me!

    take care huh?

    hey! whats happening?..comment refuse to publish..saying duplicate..let me try again…

  3. Congrats on your new flat
    I totally love your aunt…Anyone who can rustle up a ‘feel good’ meal for others is a lovely person in my book.

    Agree with Ibhade…Val is overrated

  4. Congratulations on passing your 14th February exam and of course your new flat

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