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A call to prayer

Do you ever have times when you feel like you should pray more often? Or times when you get the sudden urge or want to burst out into prayer, but then you look around you and realise you are in a public place and will look mad?

I have been through a bit of a challenging time these past few weeks in many aspects. Nothing dramatically wrong but things you rather didn’t happen. As usual, I turn to the only person that does not disappoint me and the only person that has my best interest at heart at ALL times, not just when he is bored or when it is convenient, that person in my life is God.

So what is the call to prayer? I don’t feel like I pray enough. I mean I say a short prayer before I go to bed, and occasionally when a friend asks me to pray for them or when I am studying and I don’t understand something, I pray along the lines of asking God to grant me wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Those three things I learnt to ask God for in prayer from sunday school in my early days in Archbishop Vining Memorial Church. The older I get, the more valuable those three things are to me. I also love to worship God, like sing him praises. I have been told by people at church that they like it when I am singing in church, as in as a back up to the worship leader. When I worship I love to dance and I am very expressive because the lyrics of whatever song it is I am singing means a lot to me. For example, there is this song called ‘my God reigns’, part of the lyrics goes:

I have a hope so strong, an anchor for my soul.
My peace in the worst of times, I trust in God alone…….

My God reigns, his love will never fail me, My God reigns, he is ruling over all, in all my life, in every situation, I know, my God is greater, my God is overall.

In many situations of my life, this song has applied to them. Sometimes when I sing it, it moves me to tears! Long story short I just love worshiping God.

So on Monday, right after work, I traveled the 2.5 hours down to Croydon for choir practice. I asked them at church to only put me on the singing rota once a month because I can only do the 5 hour working week journey once a month realistically, plus its expensive too. Maybe when I start driving I’ll change this. Anyway, as I was saying, I got the church office at 8pm and the pastor was already there, strumming away. We exchanged pleasantries and waited a few minutes for the other 3 people singing this Sunday to get there.

Before we started rehearsals, the pastor shared some bad news that the husband of one of our worship leaders was in the hospital and we would have to make practice quick today as he is going to the hospital from there to see him. We inquired what was wrong with him and that was when he told us the horrible fate that became of him. (See comment below). We spent some minutes praying for Vic before we practiced and went home.

On my long train ride home, I couldn’t stop thinking about Vic, he is such a nice a man and I couldn’t bare the thought of him dying. I mean we are not close or anything, he is just a pleasant person, so is his wife. He has two kids, about 5 years and 4 years old. He is a writer by profession. He even attended my graduation party with his wife and kids and was one of the few people my dad got on well with in my church.

As I was thinking about Vic, I was also thinking about my prayer life, and how weak it was becoming. I say I love God, but I do not spend enough time with my lover as I should. I mean, when I get married to the man I love, would the only communication I would have with him will not be good morning or goodnight or worse still, one or the other? Seeing as my church is far from where I live I decided I would actively seek somewhere in Reading I could attend their mid week services, just to spur my prayer mood.

I got home that evening, prayed again for Vic, informed the youths in my church via blackberry groups about what was going on, sent a text to encourage his wife and went to bed. The next day, I got a text from the second worship leader with an update on Vic’s health. We were told that he had undergone more surgery and the doctors were pleased with the results but he was in intensive care because his body had undergone so much trauma and his heart was now weak as a result. So the prayer continued.

Unfortunately, I woke up the next morning with bad news, Vic had died. I silently hoped it was a lie until I went on his wife’s facebook page and alas, it was true. It still did not sink in. I did not cry, but I was sad. His family only had Monday and Tuesday to come to terms with the fact he might be no more. No time to prepare, nor did they see it coming. I sent my condolences to his wife. This got me thinking about the people I love in my life, and the truth that one day, either in the near future or later on in life they might be no more. It is an event we all know will happen one day, but it is one we hope will not happen too soon.

It also got me thinking about why God did not answer our prayers, but I know better than to question God. His ways, are not our ways, he sees the beginning from the end and he has our best interests at heart. I also believe everything happens for a reason, nothing happens by coincidence and as such, I pray that God will compensate the lives of Vic’s family as a result of this unfortunate loss that nothing could possibly replace.

Thursday morning, on my way to work, I happened to sit next to this woman that we work in the same business park and I have occasional said Hi to on the bus. We got talking and she randomly invited me to her church. She had no idea I was a christian nor that I was church searching for mid week services. She told me a bit about her church and I said I would check them out soon. Like I said, I do not believe in coincidence!

Now friday, more bad news, the Tsunami in Japan. It is really sad that there seems to be a lot of bad news flying around lately. I hear that there is a chance that Hawaii, Australia and the US might be affected amongst other countries. I pray that the damage that has already be done will not escalate and that will be the end of it.

We need to answer to the call to pray. There is always something to pray about or someone to pray for. Let us not tire now, and encourage one another to pray more.

On another note, I have moved in my pent flat with flat mate, I shall be calling her Chorizo :). She is very lovely. Tomorrow marks our first week in the flat. It is huge! It took a while to work out how the heating works, its got floor and ceiling heating instead of the good old conventional heat exchangers on the wall. It also took about 3 days for the flat to begin to warm which not very encouraging. But so far, I love this place. I’ll let y’all know if it lives to me expectations as time goes on.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Xxx

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6 thoughts on “A call to prayer

  1. R.I.P vic.

    so sad whats happening in Japan..really confused here, asking why?

    indeed we have to retrace our footstep back to God…get on our knees & seek his face diligently.

    • Yes o. As if the earth quake caused tsunami was not enough, now the cooling of a nuclear plant failed which means there will be radioactive consequences – pshew its just so sad, one bad thing to another. May God help them.

  2. I just got back from morning mass and saw this post.
    Timely and thoughtful
    Sad news about Vic…but, the thing is we (humans) will NEVER understand life
    All we can do is …Embrace each day with hope and joy. Do our best and treat others the way we’d like to be treated.
    Everything else…Leave to HIM

  3. Valerie on said:

    Hi, I just saw this and needed to clear a few things up as it seems you were misinformed.

    David never made it back home, he was walking down Brighton road after dropping off his children and a family friend saw him, noticing immediately that he didn’t wasn’t well, she offered to drive him to his GP. The GP called for an ambulance to take him immediately to St George’s Hospital. He travelled alone and used the few minutes he had to type a text to the man he was scheduled to meet in London for a business apologising that he could not attend. His first text was I correctly written and incoherent, so separate being in oxygen (his lungs were the first organ to fail), he wrote the second text and it read perfectly-so much so that the man he was to meet did not understand the severity of it and was shocked to find later that David was on life support just 6 hours after his text. David arrived to the hospital as quickly as they could travel through the morning rush of tooting traffic, and upon arrival, he was medically sedated and intubated as his lungs shut down entirely. After that moment, David would never wake again. Waiting just outside the doors of the resuscitation ER room, panicked and concerned, David’s eldest daughter (not mentioned in your text) was actually the first and only member of the family to be informed and involved in David’s emergency care. Armed with David’s youngest grand-daughter in her arms and her then husband, she had to give permission and sign consent to allow the plastic surgery team to operate on David for the first time. It wouldn’t be another 10 hours that David’s wife would arrive (because she was in another country visiting a friend), after David had already had three operations, suffered a heart attack on the operating table and had to be resuscitated twice. been put on dialysis for kidney failure, had been pumped full of antibiotics, was on the highest possible dose of morphine whilst still medically sedated, suffered liver failure and had over 40% of his skin removed and all in all had 21 different lines of medicine and medical equipment in him. They even had to pump him full of adrenaline as he was in heart failure too and without it, he would be media my dead. He was on complete life support. His brother arrived within a few hours of David’s admittance to give his support and remained with him as long as possible for the rest of his remaining life. He was deeply affected by this sudden onset of illness-he was accompanied by his wife and children who were also grieving for their uncle. David’s eldest daughter stayed with him, working with all the doctors and surgeons to give consent and discuss how David would pull though and how he may not. In the end, he died officially of severe blood loss and multiple organ failure, all caused by the flesh eating bacteria condition called necrotizing fasciitis. His youngest children saw him before his heart failed completely and previously to that, had no idea their dad was unwell other than him having a fever at home. Still to this day David’s children and 5 grandchildren feel the dramatic loss of his life.

    • Thank you for clearing this up. This was based on veg summarised information I had. The purpose of this was just an outlet of the suddenness of he whole thing, which I can’t begins to imagine how it was for his family.

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