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Happy 2nd ‘blog’day

beautiful years. What do I have to show for it? I’ll let you’ll decide.

I still don’t have internet o, but sky has promised me I will be connected from the 18th of April. I so can’t wait!

Anyway, these past couple of weeks have been bliss. I have had issues like every normal person but somehow, the big guy up there seems to give me peace in my heart. I am not burying my head in the sand, I am just taking it easy and living a day at a time. After all, he has given us sufficient grace to get through a day at a time.

So I have decided to try something new, dabble into the whole writing fiction thing. I think I have a story to tell… We’ll see how long this will last for and how long it takes for me to get writers block. I will start with my next blog. It will basically be something about fairy tales, because in my own life, fairy tales come true! I’ll leave you to digest that lol.

Meanwhile, my flatmate (chiroco or chorizo, I don’t remember which one I named her) is just a joker. I promise you she is the sweetest girl ever and she says the funniest of things. I don’t know if I told you guys how she said she wanted to come to the saloon with me to get a hair cut. Now get this, she is indian with hair reaching her bum and I go to a nigerian saloon, where girls there are hungry for indian hair. They will just cut her hair and sell. I laughed out loud when she suggested it that she thought I was mad. I explained why I thought it was not such a good idea to her and she was quick to change her mind.

It is my turn on come dine with me this Saturday. Also DT gets to meet my friends as well. Mixed feelings about that… I hope they all get along, but I can only wait and see. I have come up with my unusual menu and I hope it all works nicely. It will be a lot of hard work sha, preparing a three course meal from the scratch but it will be worth it. Pictures will be up on sunday or sometime next week.

Finally, my exam is in 3 weeks time *deep breath and sweat*. May the good lord help me maximise the little time I have left. That’s all I shall say.

I hope you have a great week. Loads of love. Xxx

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2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd ‘blog’day

  1. glad you are having a nice time with your flatmate ..yeah, make she no near the saloon o! ..hahahaaa….good luck in your exams..take care..xoxo

  2. thank you! lol i have told her and i think she got the message! x

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